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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Deadline Report of 3/22/18 .
Deadline Report of 3/22/18 .


The removal of magic, and the soul, from a body at first glance
seems... impossible. For sure, it is without question, extremely
not moral at all. There are many ways to do both, but almost
in-total ZERO ways to do either without damage to the body,
be it physically... or mentally...

And thus began our project.
Attempt to find a method to remove magic / soul -energy
from the body in a safe, practical, manner.


My studies first began in the general testing into magical objects.
To use magic, be the magic natural or 3rd-sourced, it requires a
body to host the magic.... and a mind ( or a will ) to focus it.
However to power said host, a soul is required.
It's all connected.... and without one, the other can not be used.
Hence is the case of Magical Objects.
Take for example, a magic carpet. The carpet can fly, however has
no mind or will of it's own... and with no soul to power the mind or
a willpower of any sort, the magical properties lie dormant, until
someone with the ability to FOCUS, is able to use it.

.....In conclusion, magical objects have no sense of awareness
towards there own existence, as they only exist as non-living beings of matter.
Thus, they make fantastic subjects to test upon various ways to
affect / remove magic and soul energy.

I began with the Magical side of testing.
Caging wards, civic boxing rituals, demonic seals, angelic prayers...

Everything I could think of, nothing worked.

So I moved onto the technological side...
And invented the DNA Prism.
With the DNA Prism, I figured out a method of being able to
figure out 90% of any given subject's structure ( living or otherwise ),
cept for the location/effect/ect of the soul itself. At this point, no other
technological advancement was able to affect magical energy or
soul energy, beyond the identification of magical energy. There was
still zero leads on my end as to how one could REMOVE magical
energy... or how to LOCATE and REMOVE soul energy , within a
subject. .....And to be fair, I was at my wit's end....

And then inspiration strikes without warning, in a literal bang.

During my third attempt at tests ( test involving using ingredients to
brew potions and elixirs in the hopes that perhaps a salve could
be brewed... ), Sin re-introduced to me the old concept of the darkest
and oldest scientific magic there is... Alchemy .

Although at first an accident, through the process of Academically Mixing
various objects/subjects with magical catalysts, we have found that
various degrees of mixtures resonate .... as if like a magical tug-and-pull ...
with magical energy, and sometimes also with soul-energy.

After my own personal self-transformation into an Albino Homunculus,
I up and abandoned the practice... half due to forgetfulness, and half due
to all the chaos during that time. It's understandable how I forgot about
this process.... but now that it's back into my understanding, I now have
a focus :


So far, I have yet to find any Alchemical Mixture that affects either the
soul or magical in general.... However I am FULLY sure that this is the
key to this issue ! Alchemy IS THE ANSWER . Already I have tested
upon many magical items, each with a wide array of both success and
failure... each passing day narrows down the results one smudge at a time....


To help prove this theory, during my studies of old Alchemists, I've come
across MANY different studies of various topics... the transmutation of
other mineral objects into higher-grade objects ( ex: led to gold ) , the
creation of soul-less and/or mindless lifeforms called a " Homunculus "
of course.... And....

Many topics on how to remove, feed, replace, and place-back-in... a soul.

However to my frustration, there are no methods on HOW any of this
is done. Simply only documentation as to hint that subjects like these
and many more turned up very successful in the past...


Admittedly, It is.... tempting.... to go back in time to figure this out, somehow.
But the lack of information here suggests that either they where long sense
been missing, or was never written down in the first place... so doing so
would be little point. And besides, it woul-


So... my goal of MY end of things is simple...

Keep doing Alchemy, in various mixtures and methods, until I can
unlock the secretes behind this .... vast enigma .... that keeps me
away from my goals.


This all said, all of this report is only what I have concluded upon
my own study. My hope is that perhaps someone else has
conducted some sort of method that I have not thought of yet, or
have otherwise have found more success upon than I.

....To be fair, I hope this is the case...

Either way, I still fully believe that Alchemy is the way.
...and as cheesy as it sounds coming from ME of all people....


I just need more time.


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