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Life stories of rp characters and random things

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Broken love or rekindled fire?
There was always a myth or legend told by people about a forest in one of the countries, the legend was about something that was happening. Deep in a secluded forest of the myth stood a massive two story mansion, but within this complex lived a select few men who were either master’s or slaves. Only the men or woman who had the most money or were privileged knew about this place and would go there to either be with one or watch shows of what the master’s would do to the slaves or slaves do to each other. The men who were these master’s and slaves ran to this place to escape society because it had wronged them in some way or for some they ran here to explore different things, but your role was not determined until months of being trained by the owner or manager of the mansion thus after the training was done he would choose what role you fit into better. That was the case for Jeremy, he had gone through months of training and the owner had decided that his role would be a slave thus he could start working or even being used by the customers and masters. Jeremy in the case had ran away from society because his family had disowned him because he was not married as well that he was bisexual, to add to the stress his girlfriend/fiancé had cheated on him with his best friend which only crushed his world far more. He heard of the myth and went to look and once found he went in without looking back and to escape everything that had happened, which worked for a short while. It would be quite some time before he himself would regret the decision to come here as well to even accept that love still existed or was even worthy to have some. While he worked doing his best to please the master’s and even the customers he would get but it was never enough, they would all disregard how badly they beat him or hurt him that everyone started to treat him as if he was nothing as well his feelings would not matter no matter what he would say or argue with. This went on for a long time but one of the master’s was different, his name was _______________, he was one of the most looked for and demanded master in the mansion and Jeremy spent quite a lot of time underneath him besides other masters. This one just stuck with him since _____________ would stay behind after ever session to treat the wounds that he make, but as well he would always take care of his own needs thus as well he would take care of Jeremy’s needs. Sadly the other still saw Jeremy as someone lower than him and not very important enough to consider being with permanently. The rule at the complex was that after a few months of working you would even be assigned to one specific master who would control everything in your life till you were either released to a different one or you were let go, and well Jeremy was hoping that he would get ______________ as his master. Months went on but however he wasn’t assigned to any master however as well the pain was starting to increase more and more and at the same time Jeremy was starting to develop feeling for the other. So he would sometimes even forget about the pain as well do what he could to spend time with him or prove to him that he was a good partner for him, but all this caused the other slaves and master’s to notice before they went and told the owner that something was going on. Learning this news the owner moved fairly quickly to take care of the issue before it grew worse or even to a point it would cause trouble. The owner made sure that _____________ was always to busy or even pushed other slave’s to him when it came to parings never allowing Jeremy time with him, as well he started to send Jeremy to harsher master’s when they needed a pairing. Seeing this the male panicked and went to the owner asking him what was going on, the owner grew angry seeing that the time apart was not working so he pulled Jeremy back to training. This training that the owner now gave him was far harsher and crueler that even was never done before until now, as it went on Jeremy began to lose his mind and get sick so he began to beg the owner to stop and to just let him see _____________ for a little bit. Cruelly the owner smirked and during one of the training days told Jeremy that the other no longer wanted to see him or even be near him because he could not develop any feelings for him as well to even consider loving a slave, but as well he found someone he was better paired with that it increased the amount of money he would get. Devastated and heartbroken hearing this Jeremy accepted it and no longer fought back in the training, seeing that it worked the owner let him go and assigned him to the cruelest master they had working there just to make sure he would remember that _____________ no longer wanted him and that this was his place. Jeremy went to the master weakly and willingly, thus began his life again with much harsher and demining clothing that at times prevented him from breathing right or even being able to use the bathroom until all the clothing was removed. To top it off the clothing prevented any of the wounds that were being doing to him to heal right even with Jeremy doing his best to treat them at night once the master had let him go for the day. Years went by causing Jeremy to become a hollow doll and thin that some of the cloths were falling off him slightly which made his master furious, and the cloths were pushed and pulled in tighter so they wouldn’t fall off however it started to leave bruising and damage on Jeremy’s body. Slowly ____________ began to wonder why the male was no longer coming to him even when he was requested by _____________ many times, as well he was wondering why the male was wearing the clothing that prevented him from doing much without causing pain, and as well why he was not assigned to him when he requested that Jeremy be assigned to him permanently. Furious and confused about it he went to Jeremy and asked him why he was wearing those clothes, that is where ______________ learned that he had been assigned to the cruelest master in the house and he couldn’t go to any other master without the approval. Shocked _______________ nodded his head but went straight to the owner to figure out why his request was denied to have Jeremy as well to have him stop the master from making the male look worse. Getting there and fighting with the owner he had learned that Jeremy had fallen in love with him and to stop the problem he taken care of it and made sure that the feelings would fade. Furious about it ______________ demanded that Jeremy be allowed to see him again and he wanted to see him tonight, calmly the owner had agreed to it since he knew that the problem was taken care of. Now knowing the truth and that the male was in love with him and it explained everything as to how he was behaving beforehand, ____________ had actually grown to love the other slowly as well and he could actually tell Jeremy his feelings without worry of getting them denied or rejected. That night when he came to the room, ___________ asked him to remove the outfit, nodding Jeremy did as he was told his breath stopping once in a while due to the pain. Once he was nude he stood still taking weak breaths but stood still and to _____________ horror, he saw that Jeremy was covered in wounds, bruises, welts and everything else that even with Jeremy tending to his wounds to his best ability. The damage could not heal correctly because the customers and master’s would not let his body heal or recover as well the outfits were not letting them heal right as well. Thus his body would only end up worse and worse that he started to have scars from the ones that never healed right and with fresh burn marks as a reminder not to fall in love again. Feeling guilty he had allowed it to happen for so long ____________ told Jeremy his feeling and that he was falling for him as well and that he wanted to be with him. The male just smiled and bowed slightly before accepting it and told that it was nice that someone cared for a horrible slave but never admitted his feelings to the other since he remembered the owner’s words and his current master’s words of that people would only want to take him and for his body. Furious that Jeremy didn’t say the words back ______________ tied the male up so he couldn’t run away and began to beat him, whip him and torture him so the other could say the words since he never said them. This went on for a few hours till the other was exhausted and Jeremy now layed on the floor limp barely breathing and a pool of blood slowly forming around him, seeing what he did ______________ was devastated with what he did he began to treat the wounds and tend to his needs hoping to mend the relationship that he had with the one he fell in love with and repair the bond they had before. ____________ did all he could to prove to Jeremy that he really did love him and that he was telling him the truth about his feelings as well not to believe the owner’s words no more. Can Jeremy really see that the other is telling the truth and actually in love with him which will allow Jeremy to let his feeling start showing again? Or has the torture and words from the owner and his assigned master to their job in breaking Jeremy enough to not love again? Will Jeremy ever recover and become himself again with all the damage and neglect his body had received? Is there any hope for the two of them to be together or has that small moment passed.

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