Made some modifications to Sleepless whilst walking to school and blasting EDM so I thought I'd post some updates.

MC: Graduated Early from the gifted school which essentially trains government agents, basically only the top 10 students graduate and the rest of them (because by the time they graduate, they know too much) just "evaporate". Well trained in the mannerisms of the Endless because she was forced to disregard other external forces as part of her education. Seen a couple of those rebellion videos though. What a waste of young talent. Right?

[KR], [GL], and [RB]: Attended the first year of the same school, became interested in some rebel group and ended up finding information for them, were caught and kicked/brought to the rehabilitation centre. [KR] is the "brains" and comes up with most of the schemes that the boys get themselves into. [RB]'s appearance is useful to get the boys inside clubs and such (when sneaking in is futile). Also pretty good muscle for the group if they're sneaking weapons or something. [GL] is the most cautious of letting MC in on what the rest of the patients are planning since he doesn't trust newcomers much -- whelp since she's an agent in the end, guess he's right?

[SR] - leader and spark of the rebellion, frequents shady buildings and nightclubs, to inspire the mislead young people of the Endless. Full of spirit and life, passionate and determined to bring change.

[RC], [SK], [HF] - recruits of the rebellion, co-leaders in addition to [SR]. [HF] is in charge of communications, is skilled with hardware/software/hacking, data collection and plotting out the plans. She finds the most morbid things hilarious and has a unique laugh. [SK] spreads propaganda through art (whether it be in the form of advertisement, or her directing short videos, or graffiti-ing walls of the slum sectors. She is almost as {loud?}/ enthusiastic as [SK] but chooses to suppress it. [RC] films/photographs to spread and manages communications with other parties.

> Caught one night after a rebellion gathering in a hidden nightclub turned to a riot. Many supporters were gunned down by government agents, but the four were taken to the rehabilitation centre; their skills could be put to use if they were kept apart and had their minds cleansed.

[NS] - probably died during the riot, tbh. Legit don't know what to do with her.

[FM] - government agent in charge of MC's task. through quite intimidating, he does wish MC to succeed (after all, his rep is on the line too). always suspicious of everything, but perhaps his well-groomed Endless thinking and mannerisms allow clever thinking to fly over his head.

[AS], [MD] - doctors working in the centre. while [MD] is a close associate of [FM] and knows that MC is not an actual patient, [AS] does not and is assigned to do MC's checkups. [MD] is very aloof, often forgets/misplaces things and her mind seems to always be somewhere else. [AS] takes careful consideration of the feelings of the patients and tries to help them the best he can, after all it is his job. While [MD] is just there because, it seems [AS] is there because he actually cares.

[IG] - ? recent addition? likely [MD]'s assistant who monitors camera control and keep-up of the technology in the centre. Quiet and sharp/direct with his speaking, awful at explaining things clearly. Disregards MC's presence, but is aware that she is an agent. Little to no interaction, probably will die in the final few scenes.