nothing's set in stone...

because the original story focuses on Rins and his eventual wife, with Eoin stringing along beside him, I'd like more stories about them (he's more like a very very very very very very very very loyal/devoted/iwilldieformykingandcountry kind of military man) ;w; So while other characters can chime in, I'd prefer more focus on them 3nodding

So how about...

1. In the war. Since the setting is an old world where wars happen a lot (well, sadly, still happen, but, you know...), these characters fight a lot of battles. Might be fun to read about their low moments in battlefield. (Also, a lot of actions! Fun!)

2. Eoin's past. Their first meeting is the building foundation of Eoin's admiration to the king. But, let's face it, between that many people, there's so little chance that Rins still remembers a little boy. Why not write the story of how he eventually found out about this?

3. The sacrifice. The original story covers more regarding the elemental conversion, and the concept is actually pretty simple: While everyone has basic magic element to begin with, they can change it by force if desired. Mostly it is used to master specific magic that cannot be performed by other elements (like telepathy for light wizards), or to enhance the magnitude of their powers. It plays some part in their interaction, since both light and dark elements are the strongest elements that affects even the physicality of the respective wizards. The touch of light wizards feels like sunburn to the dark wizards, and touch of dark wizards feels like frostbite to light wizards. The process of conversion is dangerous because it will change the whole nature of one's body and soul--it can lead to serious physical or mental damage, or even death. Rins never really knows about Eoin's attempt. Might be interesting to see when he eventually does 3nodding

4. Vernal's visit. Vernal comes sometimes, and his visits usually brings out much-less-cool side of Eoin. If you can write something funny, might want to cover Vernal, too!

5. New councilor. Albanians are stigmatized to be untrustworthy. Even though Cappelonian aren't that petty about status and people's origin, Eoin's appointment as the king's councilor still stirs the people. Maybe write something about his concerns for king's name, and how the king eventually soothes him?
Councilor's First Day

6. Maev is here, too. They have quite leisurely daily life in spite of all the politics and wars. If you're more into slice-of-life, maybe let them have a little fun time in the tavern or noodle bar with Maev? Someone might left early, and a private conversation might begin. (Also, let's get Eoin drunk!)

7. Might want to stop fighting if you're lame at it. Eoin is usually cool and calm, but he gets fired up easily when it comes to defending the king's honor--which is not easy when the king is dubbed a 'pheasant king', and has knack in taking questionable decisions. It doesn't matter who the opponent is, Eoin will automatically fights back... which usually results in him getting beaten up, or jailed. Let's watch Eoin get punched! (oy)

8. Give me something steamy. *wink* Talk to me on PM. *wink* *wink* *wink* *too many winks I got eye-cramps*

... I'll be happy to read moooooore ;w;
Also, it doesn't necessarily have to feature interaction between Rins and Eoin! Because they don't talk too much about emotional stuff, and would only confide this on occasion, perhaps you can write about these rare moments.