Well, happy 27th birthday to me...

I am feeling a lot better than the last time I wrote. I understand it was a low point, and I talked it over with the wife. She suggested we start going to the gym together, and that I work out with her and her buddies (also my buds) and it does make me feel a little better. I know it will be hard, but at least its time I get to spend with my wife. 3nodding

So, because my birthday fell on a Monday, the wife wanted to take Saturday evening and all of Sunday to celebrate my birthday (I am 27 now...wow). On Saturday night she presented me with a lovely ice-cream cake which she put a cheeseburger decal on. I loved it, she knows me so well heart Also, it had oreos...so yeah, it was AMAZING!

I also got my gifts which was a screen protector for my Nintendo Switch and Bayonetta 2. I can't wait to start playing it tonight! I also got a lovely card and snuggles from the wife.

On Snday it was pretty chill. The wife and I played World-of-Warcraft for awhile. It's hilarious playing with my wife because she always forgets how to play. We were wandering around as our goblins and hunting tin so she could level up her crafting skills. We died a few times because the wifey gets over-eager when it comes to fighting enemies and I have to remind her that her character is kinda squishy.
Hm...after that I got dressed up so that we could go out to eat.

Originally I want to go to "Seoul Garden", since it had a Sushi bar (and lets be honest, asian food is amazing)- but the place was closed. So, we did the next best thing and went to a nearby Italian restaurant called "Giovonni's". Omigosh the food was delicious and I stuffed myself silly! Also ran into a friend that now worked there and him and out waitress sang me happy-birthday. Embarrassing? Yes. Fun? Also yes. sweatdrop

All-in-all it was a great time with good food, good people, amazing desert, and an even more amazing ice-cream cake. I know I couldn't be around my family, yet I still felt so blessed to just be able to snuggle and be close to the love of my life. heart

So now I'm just sipping my coffee and waiting for the birthday calls to start coming in all day (like they usually do). I'm taking it easy and hopping around my MMOs- and might do some writing today if I'm really feeling up to it.

But yeah. It's been a fun birthday. mrgreen