Welp I am back to being in a bad place again, aren't we all though?
I am so, so tired of everything. Everything I have planned or wanted to do has failed on me. I try my best at achieving what I have planned, getting a new job by (insert date here), meet (Insert friend here). Never can meet up to my promises, distancing myself from friends. -,,- eh, hopefully I can get myself out of this soon. Just want to sleep CONSTANTLY please. Nothing is fun anymore. Not like there was a lot I found fun in the first place
I have been living too long feeling like this, honestly, it's just frustrating.

On a good note
In 3 months me and George would have been together a year... Long for my age but I understand its almost nothing for people 20+. First experience for me really
He's literally the only reason I haven't killed myself, I feel so bad it must weigh on him a lot