A Guide to a Girl

Hi there, my name is Ariana but call me Ari for short.

If you ever have some issues, I'm here for moral support.

Don't take my kindness for granted though, and let me tell you why:

in the end I don't want to be there just for when you cry.

I love my friends, their smiles and laughs too, I love them at their happiest,

and help them feel better when they're blue.

If you want to be friends, just approach me! I don't bite.

But don't just come up to me to start up a fight.

I'm a pretty spiffy person too, and I like hangouts and maybe even you.

As nice as I can be however, I can also be pretty mean.

Just make sure to be nice to me, and I won't cause a scene.

I mean seriously, I become a ******** b***h. So let's get along without a hitch~

In fact, just treat others with the kindness you want to be treated as well.

And maybe you too, will learn to grow out of a selfish shell.

But don't take s**t from anyone, or become their stepping mat,

because in the end you see, you'll often be left flat.

I have zero tolerance for bullshit. So talk s**t get hit.

Instead; spread love, cheer, and acceptance,

have a general compassionate presence.

If not, then hey I can't change you.

But if you're that kind of character, stay away from me and screw you.

A side note though, I love my boyfriend Kevin.

If I were to rate him from 1-10, he'd be a solid 11.

Aside from that shenanigans, what you want to know about me depends.

I honestly eat too much or too little, it's a bit of a battle within myself

in which my bones are a somewhat brittle.

Eating habits aside, let's get along with this guide.

I enjoy drawing, fashion, and watching shows.

And writing some poems, lol what are those?

It's obvious I like rhyme schemes, since free verse or prose

is just something not meant for me, so that's just how it goes.

Anime is pretty cool too, it makes me feel good, and I hope it's mutual for you.

And c'mon, everyone has heard or watched one to an extent.

But if you watch Violet Evergarden let's pm and vent.

I don't know what else to add here except that I'm pretty chill.

But if you're an asshat, well by now you should know the drill.

I'll wrap this up since you're probably a tad cheesed out.

This is just a small guide to what I am about.

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