This is a fan-made semi-original character I came up with after watching Seraph of the End so there is no art or picture I can produce to describe him in detail. I do hope my writing will suffice as a description.

Name: Dan Cranell
Age: 25 years
Race: Human
Profession: Mercenary
Eye color: One sky blue and one golden red (Hetero Chromia)
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde (slightly on a more paler side) styled slightly short on the sides but messy and slightly longer on the top.

Personality: Calm and collected. Is always trying to be rational and logical and tries not to act based on emotional reasons but can sometimes let his true feelings show.

Often wears a black sleeveless tank top and black military grade trousers accompanied with a set of ebon purple guards that cover the back of his hands and his arm up to the elbows. Has shackles latched to his wrist and has a old dull greyish black chain wrapped around his right arm which attaches to a metal collar around his neck hidden by a long yellow scarf which has its ends tattered. Also wears black finger cut gloves, a red-brown leather chest guard and matching shoulder pads.

Weapons and powers:
Weapons of choice are a silver coated katana that sits at the right side of his hip and a large magical claymore, which in turn is possessed by a spirit of a demon, which is magically infused into his body and goes by the name Sköll. The claymore, being magical, glows with an eerie glow reminiscent to the color of hell fire and is always ablaze. He is also known to disconnect one or more of the chains connected between the shackle on his right wrist and collar and use them as a whip.
Skills and powers: Pyromancy and metamorphisis. While Sköll remains inside him, his pyromancy is not as potent. When Sköll is wielded, his pyromancy abilities intensify greatly. When the demon inside Sköll overpowers his wielder's will, either by exhaustion from prolonged battle or lost of emotional stability, such as extreme anger, the demon takes over his body and transforms it into a fierce bi-pedal golden furred warg, or werewolf like creature, which is capable of breathing fierce flames that can burn almost everything that come into contact with them to ash and melt the strongest metals, can move at lightning fast speeds, has immense strength, and rapid healing to the point of being able to regrow lost limbs within a matter of minutes. The cost of this transformation is that the wielder no longer has control of his body or mind and the demon will attack anything or anyone near it be it friend or foe until the wielder can forcefully regain control of his body or until the energies of the demon begin to weaken. It is believed that should the wielder fully manage to control the demon within the weapon, it will unlock a more powerful transformation that can be unleashed at the wielders discretion. Signs of the demonic take over are indicated by black markings that start to slowly appear around his left eye and travel down his left arm and his left eye will begin to glow a deep crimson, getting redder and redder until he is completely taken over where upon it finally become a deep ebon-red.

Special abilities (aside from powers):
Has a fast regenerative factor due to being bond with a demon weapon.
Immune to most toxins and immune to the deadly potency of vampire blood. Can't be converted into a vampire.
In demon form he can regrow limbs that have been severed in a minute or so.

Music (especially singing), eating (doesn't matter, will eat pretty much anything), reading

Medical rooms and doctors, Four Horsemen of John, extremist vampire nobles

Taking place in the world of "Seraph of the End" the world is stricken with a deadly virus ravaging the global populace and leaving only children under the age of thirteen untouched. It is at this time that vampires emerge from the recesses of the earth, likely followed by age-old horrors of the dark thought only to be myth. The vampires sweep the earth and claim it in a single violent stroke, subjugating the remnants of humanity and leading them beneath the surface to safety. This "protection" comes at the price of donating blood to their captors. Dan and his younger sister are survivors of this virus, though being older than thirteen at the time, Dan contracted symptoms of the deadly virus upon being "saved" by the vampires. Spared from being executed by a powerful vampire noble, known as a Progenitor, through his younger sister's pleas and through the Progenitor's love of his sister's art work, Dan is taken to an underground lab held within an underground encampment where human children are kept to donate their blood to their saviors as long as his younger sister agreed to be the Progenitor's personal pet and personal artist. There Dan was put through painful medical experiments of various means, which in turn stagnated the virus's deadly effects and in turn awoke his powers of pyromancy. However the constant experiments had left Dan too physically weak and thus made him incapable of physically resist his captors, who also in turn held a tight grip on his younger sister to guarantee his cooperation. These experiments also mutated his blood, making it more tantalizing to vampires in both taste and smell, thus Dan also had to undergo countless moments of having his blood drained by vampires who were tending to him, adding to his weakness. However the underground encampment was soon raided by a militia made up of human survivors who wished to grasp control of their world away from the vampires that now controlled it called the Demon Imperial Army. Dan was quickly rescued but the whereabouts of his sister were not found. No longer receiving the medical treatment, Dan's health threatened to take a turn for the worse should he not receive continued treatment. The army saw potential in his powers and decided to perform a secret experiment that bordered on the line of inhuman. With the promise of giving him the strength to not only once again be able to walk again, but also the strength to fight back against vampires and reclaim his missing sister, the army's scientists worked on making the first ever super soldier weapon by fusing a unique weapon made specifically for fighting vampires known as a Cursed Gear with Dan, who willingly volunteered. The experiment proved to be successful, granting Dan increased strength and stamina, to the point of almost being super-human where he could fight toe-to-toe with lesser vampires unarmed, and thus an entire squad was then created. For years Dan trained with his fellow soldiers, all who were also successful experiments and began to perform various under cover operations to aid the Demon Imperial Army's goals of reclaiming the world. However, darker ambitions were hidden among the grandeur of their assignments. While the experiment was planned to make weapons to conquer the vampire menace, their commanding officer, who also headed the project, had plans to sell Dan and the other soldiers as weapons to not only other higher up military men that were fighting all around the world, but also to certain vampire nobles who were looking for promising entertainment in the form of fighting, while also disposing of any soldiers that showed little to no promise. Once Dan discovered this, he tries to flee the Demon Imperial army with a few trusted members of his squad but is quickly blocked by the rest of his squad and commanding officer. Declared as traitors, the commanding officer forces Dan's ex-squad members to undergo a horrendous transformation, causing them to turn into vicious beasts. Almost all of Dan's closest friends were killed, causing great emotional anguish for Dan, triggering his own metamorphosis where upon he slaughters his not only his ex-squadron but a small handful of his own friends in the process. When Dan was able to regain control of himself, all but two members of his squad remained unharmed. Having had watched the massacre wrought with his own hands Dan, filled with guilt and fear for what he had done and was unable to stop, runs away into the wastelands, leaving behind his surviving friends, who in turn reveal the truth of the experimental weapon project to a more humane branch of the military, causing the commanding officer to be placed under arrest for crimes against humanity. However, this also made Dan a wanted fugitive from Demon Imperial Army, who now saw him as just another monster due to the destructive and unpredictable nature of the demon that now lived inside his very body. Now Dan wanders the wastelands as a mercenary working for a vampire Progenitor, who is simply known by many as the Neutral Lord, who seeks to build a neutral country where vampires and humans can live peacefully with one another. By working with this Neutral Lord, Dan now has become both an enemy and object of desire for both the Demon Imperial Army and various vampire nobles so his daily life is constantly dancing on the edge of danger and death, but all in the hopes of one day finding his younger sister and giving her a safe place to live.