Seriously, this is my first entry in a really long time. What has school become of me.

With regards to school: STRESS. CDS is due, exams are coming, assignments are piling, and I missed a calc lecture so I gotta spend time teaching myself all the content.

On the bright side: I may have secured a summer research position (!!!), though it's not an MIE position, I might get to work with a teaching team to help improve the APS110 curriculum to implement next school year, which is cool since learning about learning is always fun.

The Sleepless got some progress last night, and I'm hoping to work more on it if I have some time to spare from CDS panic. Currently burned through 2 (wow, two whole) MIE past papers in the last like hour and a half so that's progress. Gonna break after this with some calc.

That's really it, I think. I'm still sitting at rest in the friendzone. Have yet to calculate the escape velocity needed to counter the force holding me inside. Wow. Dynamics. Fun times. Physics is kinda taking over my soul, lel.