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William was sighing, looking at the invitations before him. Many organizations were requesting his services to be secluded to their ring, but Will kept refusing, knowing that no matter which one he joined he would be handling anything the Queen asked for. He didn’t mind the poverty and kept to himself as many parties were ignored. The years seemed pointless, only helping the twins by lending Sebastian to them, or letting the demon show up at their party as help to arrange everything properly. Will seemed to be quite the introvert, yet when it came to a funeral he was quite outspoken and considerate enough to socialize and comfort for the widows and children. He seemed to look for something, preventing many from committing suicide just by being kind to them as they visited to be consoled or to help him comfort others. He sighed as he stared outside at the snow lightly falling. The winter silence kept many things in a dull lull, the bags under his eyes showed his lack of sleep as he sat in his office chair, watching the snow fall in the dark room. The embers barely keeping the room warm.

“Dear lord!” Sebastian spoke out, slamming the door open as he returned. “You let me go on the task of helping the boys and here you are a mess, again.” He hadn’t been gone for long, just a day, though with the parties the twins kept having left Sebastian parted from Will for at least three days, once it was a week long. Sebastian tsked, starting the fire back up to a roar as he looked over at the pale reaper. “You aren’t a full-fledged reaper anymore, Mister Spears, so please do take that into consideration that you can get ill.” Sebastian put a blanket on a rack by the fire to warm it, watching over Spears as the reaper sighed.

“It was snowing then too…”

Sebastian stared up at Will as he took a deep breath. “There was a fire, I ran home. He promised everything would be alright if I did as he said, but…” Sebastian was focused, soon, putting the blanket over Will. “It will be alright, sir,” Sebastian responded, reaching to caress over his cheek as he placed a hand on his forehead. “I don’t want you to be bedridden. It is hard for others to overcome a cold in this season.” Will growled, making Sebastian step back. “How about some tea, or perhaps coffee to warm up?” Will could not say no to such an offer, so he gave a small nod, bundled under the blanket. “Two years of listening to that fiend and now look at me; contracted to a demon and no longer a reaper to hunt him down.” He sighed as Sebastian returned with tea.

“I thought I told you not to use your powers?”
“It is better to warm you up quickly than wait the mundane time.”
“Tell me you have not been using your powers around the boys?”
“Only if it is a life or death situation, sir.”

William could accept the tea after that answer, though he grimaced and shoved it back at Sebastian. “You and your damn coddling of the boys. I thought I told you I don’t care for sweets?” Sebastian was confused, looking at the tea. “I didn’t put sugar in it, nor honey…” he reached, touching William’s forehead again giving a sigh. “Perhaps you are sick? Open your mouth, Mister Spears.” Not wanting to be uncompliant he did as such, tongue out as Sebastian pressed his finger to keep his tongue flat. “Well your throat seems to appear sore, how much sleep have you gotten?” Will shrugged his shoulders and wiggled more in his chair. “Not well, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Sebastian tsked and took the tea, “Then allow me to make you something to eat.” The demon left as Will stared.

“Sebastian, what do you mean by making me deal with reality?”
“Precisely that; I do not want you to run amok in the past.” He returned with porridge.

Will stared at the food. Sebastian giving the condescending smile as Will was unwilling to get out of the warm blanket even to feed himself. “Sir, if you’d like I could-.” Sebastian was cut short from the cutting glare Will was giving him. He couldn’t help but chuckle at it as he took a steep step back. The food was left on the desk as Will glared at it with such ferocity and loathing for the demon that made it. An entire year and every time he questioned the demon he would always come full circle to the question he could not wrap his head around. Will gave in, slipping a hand out as he started to feed himself. Sebastian seemed to have been holding his breath as a sigh of relief whispered out of his mouth, letting him tend to the fire to warm up the room.

“Amok in the past,” Will muttered out after swallowing a mouth full. He was remembering his dreams, well night terrors. The nightmares seemed to have gotten worse, gripping at his depression as he had flashbacks of his previous life. A simple solider who had gone AWOL was rushing to his home to ensure his family’s safety only to see the beast before him; threatening their souls in exchange he did one thing. Will felt a sharp crack as he groaned, leaping out of his chair while cupping his face as he started to bleed out of his mouth. The spoon clattered on the floor with part of Will’s tooth. The reaper was in pain like he had never felt before. Sebastian was soon in his face as he pinched Will’s nose, making his gasp and sputter blood in the demon’s face as he inspected his mouth. Those shimmering, magenta eyes growing in worried frustration for the demon.

“My, and here I thought you were an adult. How did you let yourself get such a cavity and not feel it?”

William smacked Sebastian’s hand from his nose and winced in pain. The reaper spat at Sebastian’s shirt in a form of insult. The demon scoffed before forcing William’s mouth open again, his chipped tooth in hand. “Let me fix this, or we have to wait until the roads clear in a week to attempt to fix this.” The argument was as mute as William was at the moment. He had swallowed quite a bit of his own blood that it didn’t matter as long as the pain subsided. The pressure sent tears to his eyes as he forced himself to keep it open, but the pain of feeling his tooth fusing back together on top of the cavity was enough to make William gag and cough. He gasped for air as Sebastian removed his blood and spit covered hand from Will’s dirty mouth.

“Th-Thank you, S-Sebastian,” William panted out, the tears trailing down his face as he felt the pain slowly numbing as the tooth was back to perfect health as well as the rest. He gagged once more as Sebastian paled, watching him puke on the floor as Sebastian groaned again. “You puke more than the perverted drunks at the boy’s parties.” Will could only cough as he kept his eyes closed. He was starting to regret his arrangement, regret taking the deal to save two souls.
He was tired of easily getting sick, having to bathe like a human, having to be human. Will started to cry and shuttered as he puked once more. The blood covered porridge adding to the pile before him as Will scooted his hands away from it.

“Wh-why? Why a-are humans s-so frail??” William asked as Sebastian started to clean up the mess. He stayed silent as William went on crying, curled up on the floor. Sebastian wasn’t going to answer such a question since he only had a theory. He waited until Will had finished, slowly sitting him up and feeding the numb reaper. Will just stared, watching the sad face of the demon spoon feeding him. He easily was disassociating himself from society. He was no longer officially a reaper, but he was no longer human as well. He had not been reincarnated, but forced to live a semi immortal life living with a demon.

“…ter Spears,” Sebastian spoke as they stared at each other’s eyes. “Mister Spears, may I ask you a question?” He nodded in response while Sebastian’s worry was pulling Will back to his senses. “Why did you approach me after the announcement party with the Phantomhive twins’ reunion?” Will was stunned. He could feel noises leaving his mouth, but they were not forming words. He was unsure. He had done it in hopes to prevent the other twin from contracting with Sebastian, but he distinctly recalled Sebastian upping the ante. ‘You will no longer be a reaper by title and I will give up both of their souls for yours, William.’ Will started to tear up again as he felt the pain of the memory. ‘Leave your family, and come with me. I will release their souls only if you do exactly what I say.’ He cringed as he grabbed his own face, Sebastian taking in all that William was expressing.

“Is this what happens when you open your bottle up, or is it because you no longer are a true reaper?” Sebastian asked, knowing William had no power to answer beyond yes or no questions. The demon watched the reaper with his crisis, until he pulled William into him. The reaper slowly calmed down, lulled by his newest train of thought of why Sebastian was being so affectionate. The inquiry of where the contract was on William was affecting Sebastian started an avalanche of worry in William’s mind as he stared up at the demon. He reached as Sebastian jumped at the pets; those eyes staring down at Will in befuddled acceptance.

“Let’s get you to bed, shall we?”

“U-under one condition,” William spoke as the surprises seemed to continue. Sebastian carried the weak reaper to the bedroom, helping him change into his pajamas while Sebastian seemed uncomfortable, but understood the logic. He heated William’s room like a sauna and dressed in his own pajamas as well. “William, are you sure you need someone else’s body heat too? It will be rather warm all night with us like-.” He was startled by the stare. It wasn’t what he usually was given. A glare, mostly scoffing for the past month, but the genuine nervous blush on Will’s face gave answers that words never did. He nodded and gave a sigh of relief, climbing into the bed with him.

“I was forced to do what he said,” William spoke as he cuddled into Sebastian, the demon watching him in earnest. “Otherwise my family’s souls would be his forever. A whole year of disgrace from the war, from the public, and then,” William sighed, gripping tighter at Sebastian, gaining a hand to caress and comfort him. “Th-then I was told to mate with him. It would have been the last thing to do to free my family, but I had too much pride for that. I cursed at him and told him I would do anything else but that.”

William gave a small chuckle at that before crying again. “He refused to speak until I gave him what he wanted so I-,” He opened his mouth and gagged, feeling the pistol touching the back of his mouth, touching the top pallet and pointed to his spinal cord and brain. He jerked and started to sob while Sebastian winced. “Humans are so frail; be it their egos, their body, or their judgements. Humans are worthless pests to the rest of the being roaming the planet. It was as if they were made to be played with for their amusement,” William spoke, choking softly at his own words. “But Reapers-.”

“William, don’t talk bad about your co-workers now.”
“No, we’re worse than humans.”
“But you were once human yourself.”
“That’s why we’re worse.”

William gave a staggered sigh as he calmed down, clinging tighter to Sebastian as he started to fade into his sleep. He could see the fiend before him as the demon chuckled. “You thought you could escape me? I’m immortal you fool.” William jerked and started to run away from the demon, only stopped again as he easily caught him by walking. “And now this time, you gave me your heart.” William went stiff. The sultry voice ringing in his ear as he growled, glaring back at Sebastian who had him pinned against an imaginary wall. The anger in William’s eyes had him yelling about slaughtering the demon, soon giving out a command that Sebastian kill himself in order to take back the command and save the other souls from his damnation. The blood flowed as William watched Sebastian, soon screaming himself awake as Sebastian jumped from his own slumber.

William scrambled to get off the bed, still in his rush to flee from Sebastian as he tumbled down the chilled stairs. He could hear Sebastian coming, but without his glasses the reaper was pitifully defenseless in such a state as he sobbed silently. The closer Sebastian came though, the higher his panic attack spiked. Sebastian stopped short two feet from William as the reaper was trying to see. Sebastian whined and slowly placed the reaper’s glasses into his hand. “Here you are. Please return to bed soon.” Sebastian left, going back down to the morgue. William hiccupped and whined, shaking as he slipped his glasses back on and stared up towards his bedroom, and then to the stairs down the morgue.