So, This is a essay. Filled with my feelings. And I hate essays, because I suck at them and suck at expressing feelings. So, I'm going to ******** throw this essay out of this window here & make it into a story. Because that's what I'm best at. Stories. And if you don't like it, go ******** right off. So, I suppress my feelings and act hollow & quiet. Mostly quiet. So, here goes nothing. Also, I hate my kindness. But, whatever. Shut up, read this, and get raped by my lewd unconditional love, because you wanted me to show how much I REALLY care about you all.

You have been warned severely, Rose.

The Broken Bond

Chapter One - A Broken Wish - The Akiyama Saga

Ah, The story of the Akiyama. I won't delve much into its origins, but this story is about the Mother of all Akiyama. She was considered the 'Big Mama' due to her strong independent personality and the fact that she had a rather large swinging dong in between those thick thighs of hers. She was rather brutal in public and in private, especially in bed. However, One day, She finds herself a broken woman, who offered nothing but kindness, who gave the Akiyama Family a home to call to. Gave more contribution to the Akiyama Family. Her name was Kuukaku. She was once proud of being a Daughter of the Big Mama. They shared a strong bond, that was once thought unbreakable. Kuu would always admire her Mother. All the time. She enjoyed watching her mother partake in a community and making people laugh and smile.

Even though Kuu didn't want to join her Gym community due to well..She much rather keep her belly rather slightly chubby as to some people enjoyed some chubs. But that's not besides the point. The point here is, that Kuu & Big Mama were tight. It was a rather beautiful incestful Daughter/Mother bond. Till, one day, Kuu had ******** up severely bad. She had been awful to her mother, her family, she even caused the Akiyama Family to fall apart...Big Mama had no choice but to disown Kuu into the land of the exile. But, little did she know, Kuu was willing to change her ways back to be a nice person again, in attempt to earn her Mother's Love for Kuu.

So, I guess in a way, This daughter, no matter how awful she was...She still loved her mother very much and still misses her mother to this very day. Big Mama was one of the most respected idol to her. And right now, this very moment...She still wishes that she could come back to Akiyama Family and be happily ever after. But, the wish she made...Was a Broken Wish that could never be granted, for the Akiyama Family is no more...So instead, she takes the Akiyama name to herself and carries around on her back as a reminder that she ruined that particular family.

A few months later, Big Mama was now known as 'Jay'. Who drastically changed from a loving mother to a coldhearted racist ******** who loves to roast people online and troll people by saying 'Po Po' from the ******** disgusting 100% Orange Juice game. Cuz, You know... ******** that game to hell. Anyway, Jay's hatred for Kuu had grown over the months, But Kuu still endured and still struggled her best to earn Jay's respect. Or maybe, even a little love. So, Kuu decides she would vow herself to help Jay as much as she could so Jay would hate her a little less and lesser. Which, it worked to an extent. But she will not give up on Jay. No matter what, Jay. You will ALWAYS be Kuu's Mother to her. Not me. Kuu.

Chapter Two - A Broken Heart - Rose Afterlife Saga

DISCLAIMER: Now, this story is somewhat offending and yet sad. But, Again, this is a "essay" to express my feelings from the past and the present and the future. So, I apologize Dovah. Your story is coming up next to make up for what I'm about to do. This story is purely fantastical with some truth insight to it.

Years after the Akiyama Saga, The skies was baby blue, with white beautiful clouds. A lone woman named Rose was seen walking in the green breezy meadows, carrying an brown backback with a sniper bullet charm hanging out of her backpack. She suddenly stopped walking, only to look up to the bright clear skies, only to bring her flashback with one certain fateful day where she first met...Kuu in her travels. In her flashback, Rose is seen in heavy combat with a gigantic mechanical bipedal called Metal Gear Toxic, which had such power to melt the whole state with acid. Rose was out of ammo, all she had left was her tactical knife. Using her Afterlife powers, she leap herself off the ground and gave the head of the mech a few slashes here and there, but it suffered no damage from her puny tactical knife...

In return, Metal Gear Toxic had opened its cannons, firing off a multiple barrage of the acid missiles at Rose. She prepared herself to take a hit when suddenly, a shadow overcame Rose's body, causing her to look at the shadow, only to see it was a female, wearing a red tattered scarf around her neck perform a axe kick onto the acid missile down to the ground like it was nothing and gave a kind smile to Rose. In that moment, Rose knew that this woman was going to be one. The flashback ends with Rose back in her present time, taking her time to lay herself down onto the meadows to gaze upon the skies, with photos laying on the grass next to her, some of the photos showing Kuu & Rose kissing, and some of them showed Rose teasing Kuu with Kuu's name and so on forth, showing that she was remembering the good times she had with the mysterious woman named Kuu.

She gave out another grin as she entered into another flashback, revealing Rose & Kuu fighting side by side, dodging crazily against those flying missiles, Kuu kicking down another missile with a explosion, Rose on other hand, would spin herself around, jumping onto missile and hopping to another missile like a ninja. Once they cleared out the missiles out of the Metal Gear, Kuu pulls out a strange mushroom and tosses to Rose, which in turn, she catches the mushroom in her hands. Rose would show her 'wtf' expression to Kuu, but Kuu was seen running away to distract the Metal Gear away from Rose. The Metal Gear would switch out its guns and fired off a huge round of armor piercing rounds at Kuu, which is seen running up the pillars above the Metal Gear.

The mushroom in Rose's hand would start getting bigger and throbbing, startling Rose. She would fumble the growing mushroom in her hands and threw it at Kuu who was falling down towards the Mech. Kuu only grinned and grabbed the growing mushroom that Rose threw and gave it a sexual lick on the mushroom before shoving the mushroom inside the Metal Gear, causing the mech to explode from within as the mushroom grew out to be a massive mushroom tree. Kuu would be seen standing in front of the tree and looked at Rose, mouthing out the words with a sad smile and tilted her head as she slowly took her mask off, revealing her black tears oozing out of her eyes and only smiled at her before placing the mask back onto her face and walked away...

The memory then became a sad memory for Rose as the flashback ends, with Rose walking alongside the meadows, knowing what Kuu had said.

"Go back to Dovah. I will always be your friend."

Rose only looked up to the skies and smiled, looking forward to be with Dovah as she pressed on with the adventure, tossing aside the photos she had with Kuu and forged a new future with Dovah.

Chapter Three - The Sandwhich & The Dragon - Dovahkiin Saga

Years after Akiyama Saga, The skies were black as a black panther, filled with glistening stars, which was a perfect night to relax in a bar, where our hero, the legendary dragonborn warrior, Dovah was seen drinking at the bar and complaining on how cheap the game mechanics were, despite his complaints on how things weren't the way it supposed to work, He suddenly heard a opportunity to catch someone who was beautiful and dashing. Why, it was a princess who had the power to control the nation, rumors were that she had a very nice rack too, could even drink booze off of the cleavage, they say! Dovah immediately stood up and pointed at the person.


He shouted with pride, snatching the paper to himself, only to realize it was his girlfriend, Angel. His expression quickly changed from happy to annoyed. He muttered as he turned around and left the bar, embarking on a annoying quest to rescue his girlfriend....again. "Goddamnit, Angel..." He muttered. Few hours later, he finally reached to the forbidden forest that had giant walking mushrooms. Dovah would just stand there, shocked by this strange mushroom creature that walked around, when all of sudden, one of them noticed Dovah, startling him of its attention to him. He was ready to run for his life, all to realize it was walking very slowly to Dovah. He lets out a heavy sigh and started laughing at the mushroom man.

"Oh my god! Hahahahahaha! You're too slow, man!"

He taunted at the mushroom man who slowly raised his fist up in the air and while Dovah was busy laughing, the mushroom had quickly threw his fist straight for his face, when all of sudden, he was pushed out of the way, a single woman head butted her own head against the mushroom man's fist, letting out a huge force of wind blow all around them. The mushroom man would groan slowly, taking his time to grab his hand in pain. The woman would reach her hand out to Dovah, offering him help. He looked up to the masked woman, noticing a crack on the mask.

"Holy s**t! You saved my a** from that overpowered punch. Thank you." He spoke in gratitude as he grabbed the woman's hand and stood back up. The woman was silent, but she knew she had to help Dovah, under the orders of a certain someone in her past. She had joined Dovah's party on his quest to save his girlfriend, Angel. The masked woman and Dovah had fought through countless dungeons till they came across a man named Jay who was seen eating a sandwhich.

"One second. I'll help you in a sec with this dungeon you're about to fight. I gotta finish eating this sandwhich."

Dovah nodded and went on ahead into the castle that is rumored to have a legendary dragon resting there. Dovah and the masked woman fought in a very long and bloody battle with the horde of demons, up to the big arena. Dovah walked to the middle looking around. "Where the hell is Angel?" Dovah shouted, only to get knocked few feets back next to the masked woman, who was pointing her finger up to signal Dovah to look up and he did. He just witnessed a dragon who just ate his girlfriend, Angel.

"Welp. Time to find a new girlfriend. Hopefully someone named Rose Afterlife." Dovah shrugged and got himself back up and combat ready. The Dragon roared as he charged up a massive fireball at Dovah. However, The masked lady stepped in front of the fireball, taking a direct hit to protect her new friend. Her mask would crack apart, causing the mask to fall onto the ground, revealing her face to Dovah with a smile. She finally spoke.

"C'mon Dovah. Let's take down this b***h together."

She grabbed onto Dovah's hand and gripped it tightly, spinning herself around as she swung Dovah around to build up speed before letting go of Dovah, launching him straight at the dragon. Dovah would grin as he screamed out his special ability that was born within him. The Legendary Fus-Ro-Dah! The arena shook, the pillars fell down, the stones crumbled in Dovah's wake. The Dragon's head had exploded, shooting up a huge gallon of blood in the skies, raining down upon Dovah and the woman.

"...Names Kuu. Nice to meet you." Kuu would finally introduce herself to Dovah, shaking his hand. Dovah chuckled and nodded. "Yeah. It was really great playing with you, Kuu." Suddenly, Jay finally comes to the broken down arena, ready for combat and looked around.

"Hey Guys! I'm ready to help!"

Kuu & Dovah looked at Jay with pissed off look on their faces....And kicked the living hell out of Jay.

Chapter 4 - The Empress & The Servant - The Sekine Saga

Disclaimer: Consider this as your apology letter and a free story on how Kuu first met you, purely made up with some truth insight.

Years before the Akiyama Saga...The era of this timeline was so pure and bliss, everything was great for everyone. All except for this one scrawny looking woman, she was rather young, maybe in her 19's or 20's. She was seen standing by the very large lake. The skies was dusk, the sun was setting down, about to be night. She stood there, looking at the reflection of the water, wondering on how she could be better at everything. All of sudden, she sees a most beautiful majestic woman walking by her, she glanced carefully on the water's reflection of the majestic woman, her face was a face of the Empress. She was beautiful, as if she came from the celestial realm. Kuu would turn herself around to face the majestic woman. The woman slowly looked down at the peasant, carefully eyeing her before walking away, saying one word.


And just like that, Kuu followed her and ever since then, she's trained herself under her watch, Her skills had improved but her emotions were not. It lacked something. Suddenly, another woman had came into the room, shouting out the majestic woman's name. 'Nyx.' Nyx looked at her lover's eyes, mentioned the name 'Sakii'. They both were lovers once upon a time. Nyx would sexually n** at her lover's lips in front of Kuu, only to tease her new servant, teaching her to look but not touch. Sakii, on other hand, would fondle around Nyx's body as well. They both were such amazing couple and it was when Kuu knew the meaning of Lewdness. All Kuu could do was watch but get the strange feeling burning in her chest. It was a feeling of nervousness. For a few moments of silence, Nyx would ask Kuu some strange questions, none of which Kuu could ever understand in time. Even though, Kuu took it upon herself to study the art of Lewdness all the while improving her skills to expertly take down hardened foes that was on the hardest difficulty.

I guess you could say Nyx was once a upon a time, Kuu's coach, till Kuu got too unstable and would occasionally visit Nyx every now and then. But, nowadays, Nyx became Sekine and Sekine has a new lover, named Vanilla, who was much much more lewd and sadistic. Well, much more sadistic to Kuu than Sekine. Which scares Kuu more than anything.

Chapter Five - A Broken Innocence - Superblizzle Saga

Years before the Akiyama Saga...

It was in a heavily biolab facility designed to breed smart, intelligent scientist. And there was one man with who was codenamed 'SuperBlizzle' because he invented a strange weapon that could blitz people into space without having to use a space shuttle and allowed them to breathe in space and pull them back to the earth without any harm. Cool, huh? Anyway, This man was called 'Blake' & he's worked years in this gloomy place called the 'College' to improve his skills to invent more amazing things. Until, she appeared...and changed his life, forever.

During the lunchtime, The man walked over to the table by himself, where he can think for himself as he ate the food. The woman, however, on the other hand, came along and sat right next to him, looking over Blake's shoulders, her smooth, warm face touching against Blake's face. His face would turn red, looked over to the woman before freaking out and stuttering his way to tell the woman to essentially 'piss off'! The woman only laughed and chuckled before letting out a heavy lustful sigh, pushing her arms together to provide a good sight of her cleavage spilling out of her bra, only to tease and taunt Blake.

"Oh...Blakey! Come on now...It's been a while since we've last played together, have we not?" Kuu whined at Blake, only to cause Blake stress and stutter more. Blake looked away, tapping his finger onto the table. "C-C..C'mon, Kuu...I'm not in a mood for this...Y-You know I have to do s-school work." Blake would hesitate to look back at Kuu, only to see her very much up close with Blake, purring in her throat as she wrapped her arms around Blake's arms, straddling her thighs around Blake's hips, sitting onto his lap.

"What if...I help you do school work, huh? Maybe'll play with me, Oui?" She would let out her long pink tongue out, slowly licking across Blake's lips, breaking his innocence slowly by slowly, Blake's eyes would widen, feeling the warmth of Kuu's tongue rubbing alongside Blake's lips. Blake would then slowly reach his hands up from Kuu's hips to her sides, groping heavily around Kuu's bra, pushing her cleavage up more, causing her to squeal.

"Ooooh! Blakey!"

Suddenly, Everything was cloudy as the camera zooms out, revealing Kuu in her bed, dreaming about Blake. However, on Kuu's sleeping face reveals a red hand print that Blake slapped from earlier.

Chapter Six - The Fate Binds Them Together - Starkiller Saga

Thousands Years Before ******** Up Charles. Years Before Akiyama Saga...

There was a small simple town named Alice. A Simple Memory that was left untouched. A Memory that was heavily protected, no matter what. Alice. It was where it all began. It was where Fate brought them together....A Boy named Charles who walked out of his own home, only to search for more cats to bring home. He walked out onto the soft lush grass, only to witness 2 teenagers bullying against a kid riding a bicycle and caused him to crash onto Charles's front lawn. Charles, something told him in his head to go help that kid who crashed. So he went over there and helped him up. This kid, he had a buzz cut hair, as if he was a part of a military division for kids at school. He introduced himself to be Chris. And so, They both walked back home to Chris's home, Charles gladly escorted him to his home. It was then, they both were destined to meet and become great friends.

Every single day, Chris would ring the doorbell very early in the morning, eager to play with Charles. It was great. Always having a friend eager to play with you every single day. Even if it irritated the hell out of Charles's mother. It still was great. Chris would play many games with Charles, teaching him the art of being a Gamer, teaching Charles a beautiful world of Fantasy and many things, like swords and guns. It was beautiful relationship. Years later, They became brothers. Closer together.

As years went by, Chris took on the name Jango and Charles took on the name Final Snake and become Female at heart, due to...well...Amy & Crex reasons...But, as Charles came back to Alice every once summer to meet Chris again, he had feelings for Amy, his other childhood friend. Even Chris told him it was not a good idea, Charles still went ahead and visited Amy. But, things had not gone so well, and when Amy drove him home, Chris opened the door, only to see his best friend's tears flooding out of his eyes as he walked in and cried alone, but it wasn't alone, you see. Chris was there for him. He always was there for him. Chris always had Charles's back, no matter what.

As another years had gone by, Entering the ******** up mind of Charles, Chris had witnessed something drastically changed within Charles. Then later on found out Crex had been playing and toying around Charles's mind. Causing his mind to be shattered, broken, unmended. Charles was permanently shattered and very awkward. But Chris still stood by him. He still accepted Charles for who he is. Because, Charles still saw Chris as a brother. A person to seek out shelter and safety. And no matter what, Chris would always, ALWAYS be there for Charles. He taught Charles more things like how to control his emotions and blocking out emotions for when its needed. And played more amazing games.

A few more years had passed by, just before Akiyama Saga...Charles had experience a near death experience by a cinderblock fall direct to the head. Which ******** him up even more and shatter his innocence and sanity. Chris even took a visit to the hospital to Charles, to visit his friend, (not sure Memory still fuzzy) and stood by his side, in hopes that his brother would survive the perilous ordeal. And Charles did survive. Because all Charles could ever think about was trying to be strong for Chris. Trying to impress Chris, Trying to be better than Chris to protect him. Despite how ******** up his soul is, wither he be female at heart or male at heart, nobody knows. It's like he has two souls in one body. Charles was still ******** there somewhere in that body, fighting to stay alive for Chris. Because He wasn't gonna let Chris lose his brother.

Years After the events of Akiyama Saga

While the bond between them became weaker, Charles had major problems struggling to figure who and which who he was. Was he Final Snake? Was he Kuu? Was he SuSonic? Was he Maxy? It didn't matter not to Chris. Because Chris knew, he somehow knew that Charles was hidden underneath all those masks he wore to hide from terrible things that happened to him. Despite on Charles's actions. Chris was still there for him. And he never gave up on Charles. Ever. Even when Chris wanted to give up on him. He still didn't.

After Events of Shy...

When Chris was badly wounded from his only one true love that he thought he had, his heart was ripped out. He was devastated from Shy always going after other boys besides Chris. Always cheating on Chris. And the more hurt he was, the more Charles started to realize it was time to stop hiding behind all those masks of his and come out and come to Jango's side and help him in his aid. After all, Charles wasn't going to let his brother suffer alone. Charles would rather suffer WITH Chris and heal with Chris. Even how ******** up Charles is in his head, he still sees Chris hurting and would do anything to protect him in his arms. Anything...

....Chris is me. And I am Chris. We are brothers. To the end. No matter what happens. You are my Jango. and I am your Kuu.



.......I love you, Brother.