An idea I had recently while at work. I'm not sure what I would do with it.
In the most vague terms: Marriage with No Love (Old RP), but with Lilty as Lead Girl and a lot more "buying a lover" vibe

The more fleshed out concept:
"In a certain world, there exists a form of mail-order bride system.
Eligable singles of a certain age are auctioned off in special events to rich buyers who meet certain criteria.
+ Must be at least age of consent
+ Must be unwed and not in any relationship prior to purchase [ refered to as the fidelity clause]
+ Must not have a history of violence or abusive tendancies.

Once a partner is purchased and the contract agreed upon, the sold 'partner' must begin living with their buyer and begin newly-wed life.
Usually the sold parties come from poor families, often battling debt."

Lilty is one such case of a sold bride. Her family fell into debt trying to afford her mother's medical bills. And even with her and her father working two jobs, they never quite catch up before another disaster hits. Thus her parents made the decision to set Lilty up as a Bride, with the hope their daughter can live a better life.
Lilty's only goal is to force the bid for her life high enough to return enough funds to her family to save them from the ever looming debt and poverty that left them this desperate.

While I would like to do this as a roleplay, I don't really know anyone who would make a good partner. I love certain friends, but it's clear real life isn't going to let a consistent roleplay work. Especially a thread.

But I also have too many writing projects on my backburner as is, so I don't want to add this to the pile.