arrow It's hard imagining that Gaia is 15-years old! Can you believe it?

So much has happened since I joined...and I'm not just talking about my personal life. The entirety of the Gaian Universe has changed so much since then. Just looking back on it all is so...amazing.

I joined Gaia in 2005...13 years ago.
The first Halloween Event I remember was when the Grunnies took over the world. I remember when Gambino was taking science too far and where events lead to him falling to what should have been his death...only for us to realize that he had somehow fused with his son.

I remember trick-or-treating and going into Gaia Towns to give Jack all my candy.

I remember when the Zurgs came, and when Santa was a robot. I remember when the Overseer appeared after the Aquariums were introduced, and I remember the Summer Games. I was always team Durem.

And speaking of Durem...I remember when Ian disappeared. I remember meeting Louie and realizing he was Ian's brother- and also that Ian was a vampire. I remember when we followed the comics so closely...the war between vampires, the Dark Elves...the Gambino conspiracy, and everything in between.

I remember when Gambino died...the man himself...the legend. He was like a God, and Gaia would have been nothing without his influence. I felt sad...crushed. I was taken aback. Granted, it was cool seeing how Gambino's son stepped up to the plate and discovered he had powers. But everything changed after that. Gaia as a whole changed.

I was a time before GCash...before inflation. I was from a time when people still wanted the monthly collectibles because Gaia seemed to mean something. A lot of us grew up here, discovered ourselves here. It was our sanctuary and escape.

So it's crazy thinking how much this place changed and evolved in 15 it is now compared to how it used to be. I wish I could say it has become better. I know I left for a time because the way this place become cluttered and corrupted. It has become better compared to how it was during the time that I left...but it will never hold the same feelings for me as it did when I was younger.

Not much else to say. It's been a journey...that's for sure. And for what it's worth, I am glad to have come back, even if it's only for a short while.

Happy Anniversary, Gaia! heart cheese_whine heart