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User Image Neverland

User Image

On the floating island of Dref Dur they tell a story. A story of youth, adventure, and
growing up... and the showdown between a flying boy and the island’s most feared
pirate. As you flip through the pages of the old folk tale, the pages flicker and reveal
their story...

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User Image Chapter 1
User Image

On a quiet and crisp Durem night, a bedroom window sits open to the breeze. Inside
a young girl named Wendy sleeps, dreaming of adventure stories and mysteries...

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A very bright girl, Wendy spent every moment she could studying and absorbing every
fantasy book she could get her hands on. However, her parents feared she wasn’t
applying her sharp mind, and would soon take away all of her books. But what
happened that night was no fantasy, at least not to Wendy...

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She woke to a boy in her room - a flying boy. He was fighting his own shadow that he
chased into her bedroom window. Recalling a story she had read, Wendy offered to
try sewing it back on. It worked! The flying boy was thrilled, but Wendy seemed to find
the moment bittersweet.

User Image

“Why are you sad?” He asked. “In a few days my parents will take my books away,”
Wendy replied. “They say I spend too much time reading silly stories... I need to grow
up.” “No way! Come with me and you can read stories to me and the Lost Boys!” the
boy offered, telling her of a magical flying island where she wouldn’t have to grow up.

User Image Chapter 2
User Image

Wendy accepted. Grinning, the boy introduced himself. “I’m Peter.” “And I’m Wendy.”
“Great! Take this,” he said, handing her a small strange looking seed. “It’s from a
Casimir tree. It’ll help you fly. Come on!” The two leapt out of the window and flew over
the Durem streets and above the clouds.

User Image

As they approach the floating island, they meet Tink. The only female member of the
Lost Boys, Tink doesn’t exactly seem thrilled with Peter’s new company. She warns
them that Hook and his pirates are sailing around the island. They’ll have to be
especially careful.

User Image

Peter seems flippant toward Tink’s warning and turns to Wendy, boasting, “Hook is
the top pirate up here. He controls most of the crime on the island. Most people are
real scared of him, but I cut off his hand in a duel and fed it to a dragon.”

User Image

Wendy was busy pondering the likeliness of this story, but Hook had already spotted
them. He wasted little time and ordered his crew to load and fire a cannon at the three.

User Image Chapter 3
User Image

Peter grabbed Wendy and pushed her out of the way. “Looks like he saw us. Head
for the buildings!” He grabbed her hand and darted toward the island, Tink following
close behind. Before Hook’s men could fire again, they were already in the streets
of the city.

User Image

Peter lead Wendy to the hideout of the Lost Boys, a small gang of urchins that Peter
had found and with each, rescued and took to the island. With his leadership they
survived the harsh streets and remained safe from Hook, who didn’t approve of their
petty, ‘classless’ crime.

User Image

The boys welcomed Wendy, and she learned to love and care for them. She prepared
medicine for them and wrapped up their wounds. At night, she read thrilling stories of
adventure and was slowly teaching Peter how to read.

User Image

Wendy had become a Lost Boy. They adored her and most of all, her stories. One night
they asked her to tell them a story about the main land... about Gaia. It had been a while
since Wendy had even thought about Gaia, but she said she’d try her best.

User Image Chapter 4
User Image

Unable to find a book with just the right story, Wendy only pretends to read one, making
up her own tale instead. In Wendy’s story there was action, adventure, and justice, but
also all of the things the Lost Boys dreamed of. It was a story of home.

User Image

The Lost Boys were fascinated with Wendy’s story, and as it finished, it was accepted
with resounding cheer. Peter, however, seemed less impressed. He sensed that Wendy
was remembering what she loved about home. Worried and upset that she’d want to
leave, Peter left the hideout in a huff.

User Image

But in Peter’s absence, Hook had discovered their hideout and kidnapped Wendy and the
Lost Boys. Not finding Peter, Hook took the opportunity to poison the medicine Wendy
had left out for Peter.

User Image

Peter returned to the hideout to find it ravaged and empty. Overcome with guilt for leaving
them alone and losing Wendy, he remembered the medicine Wendy had told him to take
before he left. In his anger he ignored her, but now he lifted the bottle to his lips.

User Image Chapter 5
User Image

On Hook’s ship, Wendy was being held captive in Hook’s quarters. Contrary to the barbaric
picture the boys had painted for her, Hook seemed to be dignified and well-studied. At least...
so his manners seemed to suggest.

User Image

Hook explained plainly that Peter is a cocky, irritating youth, and that she would be better off
if she forgot about him. He could give her adventure and knowledge - all that he could steal -
as well as a respected position on his crew.

User Image

But Peter and Tink came to Wendy’s rescue, attacking Hook’s ship and freeing the Lost Boys.
Tink grabbed Wendy while Peter fought the furious pirate.

User Image

Their battle escalated to the rigging of the airship, where a familiar ‘Tick-Tock Tick-Tock’ pierced
through all the sounds of battle... It was Cartier the Dragon. He apparently had tasted Hook’s
flesh as Peter had bragged, and the bloodthirsty dragon was on the hunt for more.

User Image Neverland Victory
User Image

Cartier grabbed Hook in his mighty claws and carried him down into the clouds. It is said that
Hook and Cartier’s fight lasted so long, the fatigued dragon landed on Gaia somewhere,
where they both continue to hunt each other to this day.

User Image The End...
User Image

But for Peter and the Lost Boys it meant victory. And it also meant Wendy could go home. Some
nights when Wendy would look out of her window into the night, she would still think of Peter,
Hook, and the Lost Boys... and so she wrote down her story for others to read. She titled it

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User Image Chapter 1 Fail
User Image

Wendy refused. Running away with strange flying boys is just too dangerous!

User Image Chapter 2 Fail
User Image

Wendy dodged, but the shock scared her enough she asked Peter to take her back.

User Image Chapter 3 Fail
User Image

Wendy’s story was a total yawn. The boys fell asleep. Oh well, she couldn’t remember
the end anyway.

User Image Chapter 4 Fail
User Image

Peter unknowingly drank the poison, falling into a deep, troubled sleep...

- User Image Super Brawler Bash
- User Image Rosales' Cape
- User Image Tourmaline Grand Drape
- User Image Prince Dashing
- User Image Shadowed Dancing Princesses
- User Image Green Knight
- User Image The Little Octopus
- User Image Purple Geist Black Candle
- User Image Pharaoh's Banner
- User Image The Family Jewels gold