I have no idea what to make my first journal post be, so take a random poem I had to write for English xp (in case you're wondering, the prompt was to write a poem on what it's like when your dreams fall apart)

The Road

My eyes have been focused
On only the road ahead
One Path for one destination
To reach that place is my only wish

I have walked on broken glass
I have tiptoed around slumbering beasts
I have crossed over vast canyons
All on this road to my dream

Yet now I kneel
Broken and confused
A large drop gasps before me
A drop that means certain death

The road… ends here?

“No!” I shout, angry and hurt
“No! It can’t be! It's unfair!”
“I had worked so hard to get here,”
“It can’t end here!”

Yet all my shouts and pleas
All of my cries and prayers
Can not fill the gap,
Staring at me, Laughing at me

After days, weeks, months
Of mourning and being bound
I finally say “enough”
Then I stand, turn, and walk the other way

In ways, the road back was easier
There are no vast canyons
There are no slumbering beasts
There is no broken glass

But the entire way
I hung my head in shame
Shuffling along
Defeated and Heartbroken

However, by the end
I stand taller and stronger
I am sad over my loss
But I am not torn, not anymore

Now I walk along another road
Keeping my eye on others
All as difficult as each other,
With broken glass, beasts, and canyons

I’m not at the end of this one yet
And I’m not sure if I ever will be
But I know, by the end of it all, no matter what
I’ll come back stronger