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Same deal as the previous entries: a collection of my previous avis, notes about their creation and combinations used. For the past 2 years I've used the same makeup/eyes combo, tweaking as new items are released. Because there's so many Majoko eyes available in various shades it's pretty easy to try to match them to anything. They seems to be the staple now. As for overall colours...not much variation there.

User ImageUser Image< March - April: Rehash of my old ninja costume, but red. The Angel cutter was pretty useful for snipping the cape from the arm. Abunai shirt + Akedo skirt looks kinda like an apron. Unfortunately, the Waistband interfered with any pouches or belts I wanted to use, so this ninja has nowhere to stash equipment. The Kuma highlights are pretty interesting, I'll probably try using them again. The collar was at an awkward height, so this avi doesn't have a mouth.

> May: Wanted to use Vengeful Alice, so I matched it to the dress and threw on some other soft colors. I particularly like the hair clip combo (Synchronisee, Maiden, Jellyfrills) and skirt ruffles (Sailor's Life, Hermes).

User ImageUser Image< June: I loved the Papillon hair, so I made a butterfly themed avi. I particularly like the way the Hexmistress corset matches the Winter's Solace skirt. The Solair necklace also masquerades as a shirt layered under the corset.

> July: Actually started with Nautical Pearl shell as part of the base for this mermaid avi, but it ended up clashing with the background. Her top is made by layering three bras and two necklaces. The gold from the Ruler bra is actually concealing the fact she has no bellybutton. (Wait, would a mermaid even have a bellybutton?)

User Image< September: Wanted to wear Kaguyahime, combined it with Seraphic Fox sleeves and chucked on a bunch of other pink items. The Chingwa flowers look nice with the SeongMi ornament.