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eternity in an hour
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Ring sellers are / were cheaters?
So, back in the GLORY days of Gaia you could work hard grinding away in zOMG to earn Rings, level them up and sell them for in game coins *Gold*. Unfortunately they have become soulbound which means you can no longer sell, buy, or even trade your Rings. Now the only way to get these Rings are by well grinding away in game to get them, you can only get them at the lowest level, and you have to grind for the Orbs to level them, and well if you don't like a Ring you get tough! you cannot trade that Ring to someone else for another Ring of your choice.

In fact if you mention this issue in the zOMG forum section you will quickly learn that the masses (most people anyway) have been brainwashed into believing that anyone who has sold or is still able to sell their Rings due to a sort of loophole in the Market Place (MP) is a cheater, and anyone who thinks Gaia should unsoulbind these Rings is a cheater enabler. I was recently branded a cheater enabler just for saying I think these Rings should NOT be soulbound, in fact I don't think anything should EVER be soulbound, period.

Anyway the whole Ring soulbinding thing, and branding anyone against Ring soulbinding a cheater / cheater enabler is ridiculous... I mean was Gaia themselves cheaters / cheater enablers back when they allowed these Rings to be traded, bought, and sold in the Market Place? Think about it...

The truth is, that right there the whole making the Rings soulbound was just the cherry on the top of the site's downfall... nobody even hardly plays zOMG anymore because of this, the lag, and well the general lack of players. I truly wonder if the reason they soulbound these Rings were to eventually usher in the ability to buy Rings only through real life currency. I have said this before and I will say it again; what's next soulbinding Kin Eggs so you cannot buy, sell, or trade them through the Market Place? so the only place you could get a Kin Egg is through the game where they RARELY drop, or through the Cash Shop?

These people who are for the soulbinding of these zOMG Rings cannot see what they are doing, or what they are helping to enable / create, they don't realize that essentially they are just hurting themselves in the long run. Eventually well okay potentially this site has the ability to fully delve into a pay to win sort of site, in fact it's already happening before our very eyes.

Slowly things are becoming more and more soulbound to where you can only sludge away to get them, or perhaps spend $10 here, and another $10 there... in today's economy not many people have that kind of cash to throw around.

For instance, the bosses in Lake Kindred were nerfed, which means they pay out less, and some Kins were nerfed which means the damage they do is less and they are weaker in general. So in order to get anywhere you have to grind up to character level 20+, AND you have to have at least 1 tree killing Kin to level 50 to even make some Gold / Platinum, and even then in the grand scheme of things you don't make a lot because of the inflation etc.

Gaia has many people believing that unnerfing the bosses and Kins will just further collapse / inflate the economy and this just isn't the truth, the truth of the matter is - is that Gaia has become Cash hungry, they want more and more. And like I said if things don't change, EVERYTHING half decent will be sold for REAL money, money that many people just don't have.

I wish people could see these things for what they are... but they can't... I mean you can't even go into the zOMG forum section without seeing people bully anyone mentioning buying Orbs, or mentioning how they want the Rings to be unsoulbounded. It's all just CRAZY. I would like to know who even came up with the bright idea to soulbound these Rings in the first place anyway... I mean why? selling, buying, and trading Rings did NOT hurt the economy! what hurt the economy was selling item RIGS and Gold Generators for REAL MONEY because Gaia got GREEDY! and of course instead of blaming themselves, they blame the user for things like selling Rings, yada yada. No! Gaia broke their OWN economy! because think about it; by selling Gold generators that made Gaian's rich for a few real life bucks they essentially made the Gold Coins have no value, just like if we kept printing real World money out of thin air especially when it's no longer backed by Gold eventually that money will have little to no value.

I just find it funny that Gaia even thinks the selling of those Rings was just one of the economy breakers, but yet I remember before the rogue take over these Rings were selling when the economy was GREAT. At no time EVER did the selling, buying, and trading of these Rings hinder the economy. Again the economy was wrecked when Gaia made the choice to sell Gold for real Cash. Before the rogue take over, you made your money buy selling Rings, selling Items, or selling Monthly Collectibles, and there was only so many people buying the Monthly Collectibles with their real hard earned money so all in all there wasn't enough Cash Shop item things being sold to break the economy. Sadly over time Cash Shop Gold gens became a thing, and then the whole selling of mass numerous items and RIGS through the Cash Shop, the list goes on.

So lastly, NO I do not think that unnerfing Lake Kindred and zOMG / unsoulbounding Rings, etc will hinder the economy! if ANYTHING those things will better the economy by bringing more people back to Gaia, the same people that left Gaia because of the way Gaia IS today. What could help the economy is to stop selling SO many things for real money, and instead go back to selling the Monthly Collectibles and so forth.

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