Just make no sense at all. I really don't get how you can act like you are all about someone, or at least like them, say all these nice, sweet things and then just completely ignore them.
Why can't people just be straight up and honest? Why do I always feel like I'm just there as a convenience for most people? Like oh, I guess I got what I wanted from you for that one night or couple weeks or whatever and now I'm just gonna pretend you don't even exist. Don't tell me you miss me when you obviously don't.
I get that people do what is best for them but you don't have to be a POS about it.
People are just so rude and inconsiderate anymore and I'm tired of being nice about it. But oh well, I'm kinda used to it by now. It's not like I'm perfect or anything but I at least try to treat people well and fairly. That's too much to ask from most people though apparently.