Chapter Eleven:

Sara sits on one of the beds, her tail swaying side to side as she looks at her spellbook. She had many fire based spells and just wanted to take at least a few minutes to remember some of the better ones. Many of the more useful ones was firewall, flame wave, fire arrow and fireball. Firewall and flame wave came from her trip to Tristram and they came in handy in tough situations. Her tail continues to move slowly as everyone else sat back on their own beds, just to relax after the long trip. The only person sitting next to Sara was Jaheira. The elf watched the girl write in her book.

"I'm surprised how well you remember these spells." "Honestly, with the large amount I have, I'm surprised I can keep most of these straight." Sara lets out a low laugh as she keeps writing. "However I remember the most useful ones, firewall was definitely one of the more useful ones I picked up in Tristram...some monsters are not very smart." The elf lets out a low laugh, it felt good to laugh again after what she had lost. Raditz says nothing as he leans back, arms crossed, eyes closed. He was just listening.

As Sara works she looks up, turning to Sid. "I'm thinking that we should split up into three, some of us head upstairs to see if we can't find Nalia's aunt and the other team can lower the drawbridge. Once the bridge is down we can all met upstairs." Sid nods as he smiles. "Good idea, um...maybe you can lend your strength to lower the bridge?" He had never asked Raditz to really do anything before so this was a first. The Saiyan blinks as he moves his tail slowly. "Yeah sure..." "Alright, me Raditz and..."

Yoshimo holds out his hand, he had helped himself to a bow from the weapons rack from the other room. He also helped himself to a few fire arrows. "Alright, then you, Jaheira and Anomen will take care of the second floor." Sid smiles as she looks to his new two handed sword. He was slightly thankful the strange blade had been quiet. Still it wasn't so bad, the enchantment was more than worth the annoying chatter. Once Sara felt she was ready to tackle whatever may be hiding in the keep she gets up. "Alright lets do this."

They left the small room to find themselves in the main dining room. The table was still set but whatever meal that had been set out was long gone. There were several small trolls were scavenging the area as Yoshimo puts his new bow to use and takes out one of the smaller trolls. The other lets out a strange hiss as a large troll jumps out and lets out an angry sound. Sid turns to sara and she nods, heading for the other side of the room to find the stairs that would lead them to the second floor.

Once there she felt very unnerved, it was dead quiet up here. "Oh I don't like this..." Jaheira holds her staff out as she moves slowly. There was no signs anyone had been up here. Anomen takes a look around and even he notices something wasn't right. "Naila did say there might be some maids up here, wonder if they might be hiding." Sara sniffs at the air, but she just looked confused. "But I don't smell anything..." She moves slowly as they spread out slowly. She thought this was a rescue mission, but it now looked like a loss cause.

The only thing bothering her was, she didn't smell blood. "Lets see if we can't find the master bedroom." They walk down a long hall to the north, only to run into a lone troll. Sara was quick to take care of it. It seemed to be guarding a door as she pokes her head in. The large room had a single bed and a side area. They move slowly to see there was a large common room, than the bathroom. Nothing, not a single sign anyone had ever been up here. Sara lets out a low growl.

"No blood, no signs of a struggle, the hell is going on?" Anomen follows behind Sara, holding his mace. "Maybe they got out before the bridge was raised?" Sara tilts her head to the side. "But how, if the attack came from under the keep, they wouldn't have time, this whole place would be covered in blood. Even if they were killed trolls aren't known to be very clean, I've seen them scavenge bodies." Both Jaheira and Anomen look at one another, she had a point, as morbid as it was. No matter how little or large the staff was if they had been killed or taken, there would be some kind of sign.

Sara had enough, there was nothing up here. "We might as well join the others and go through the other rooms once we are together again. They might need help outside with the bridge." Jaheira agrees and turns to head out of the room. Sara was slowly to follow, still sniffing the area to make sure she didn't miss something. Anomen watches her as she gives up and follows the elf back out to the main hall. "I really don't like this..tunneling creatures, trolls, missing staff, dead guards. I like a challenge as much as the next fighter, but this is just strange.."

Anomen nods as they find their way outside to the roof of the keep. She blinks as she looks around. Even up here was clear, until she looked to the catapults that lined the wall. She moves slowly and takes a look, Jaheira already looking it over. "These have been tempered with." Sara could see that just from where she was as the elf backs away. Someone made sure that the keep would be unable to defend itself. Sara had no idea what to make of this. "I think we're getting into something very deep here..."