Excitement buzzes in the air as we enter the arena. Four of the Supers with the highest predicted ranking to end the first day of training. Our peers gather at the top of the dome, and the Trainers stand seemingly unfazed by a day of observing students at their assigned podiums.

The arena does not reset. It remains a raised podium of dark concrete, with no visible change in altitude or other obstructions. I can see my three opponents -- well, two opponents and temporary partner -- easily. [ML] smiles and waves at the crowd, met with excited cheers and encouraging shouts. She tosses her hair back, embracing the attention. Her partner, [YC], stands nonchalantly with his arms crossed. He nods cooly in my direction before staring down my partner.

I recall the stats I read on my tablet. [LC]. Electricity -- which wasn't particularly compatible with my skill which is frozen water. He is the last to enter the arena, and he meets my eyes.

It's Scowl, from earlier.