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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Weekend Overtime ( AKA : Angel Party ) .
Report : Weekend Overtime ( AKA : Angel Party ) .




Last week, I was asked to be a Negotiator for ( REDACTED ) and
( REDACTED ) , in the hopes that war within the nearby
portals would not come to any higher issue....

....and though at first I accepted, I eventually turned them down
due to selfish reasoning. I thought of many... excuses ...for it too.

During the weekend however, SIN brought to my... attention some...


....extremely good values as to why I SHOULD help them out....

. . . . . .

I hate it when she's right.

. . . .



Over the weekend, I arranged a meeting with ( REDACTED ) .
...Together, they make up what is known as " The Council ", a group
comprised of high-ranked angels and arc-angels... the oldest of the old.

If there was a power JUST slightly weaker than the gods themselves,
it would firstly begin here. Still... When I went to greet them, I was
surprised to be greeted by ( REDACTED ) , whom apparently
remembered me still, somehow, from the ( REDACTED ) event.

.... ( REDACTED ) was the voice of reason in this Council,
as the proof that I would eventually come around to fully accepting this task.
I suppose I do owe ( REDACTED ) a favor sometime...


In any case, eventually what came about is the following :

I made my case to them, and then did something I've not had to do
for over millions of timelines.... I had to beg.

( REDACTED ) found it amusing, but the rest seemed
to keep the composure I'd expect of them. As such, they offered me
a the job ONE LAST TIME.... and gave me the card.

They instructed me to leave, stating how they will send Cupid
at a later point to fulfill me with the more finer details to my role in
all of this....


I must admit, ( REDACTED ) was beautiful to see once more.
Not that I would ever consider anything. They are angelic.


I am so tired...




To as much degree as I can assume, either they still do not
know what I've done... Or they choose to decide that it is not
an issue that is worant looking into. According to ( REDACTED ) ,
she thinks that they don't know, as if they did, they would be
upset? Though it just goes to prove that the process IS DOABLE.
Hard and tricky as balls.... but doable.

If ( REDACTED ) ends up taking my offer, I will
have to consider doing this again, but at the very least this time
I will have someone whom is fully aware of whats going on, so its
not like there will be any danger this time around.


(( the rest of the report is burned away.... ))



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