I figured I would type this here so I can type as much as I want.

I dreamt I was in Japan but I guess it was a last minute thing because I didn't have any cash and was just going by what was in my bank account. I was walking down a street and came across a place where I could get cash. Instead of using an ATM I went right up to the desk to speak with someone, so they could tell me how much was in my account or something. There were three people, two guys and a girl. I spoke to the guy in the middle. The number popped up. Then he said I could start a bank account there with that. It seemed strange especially with the way he was talking, so I figured it was a scam and left.

I walked through an empty doorway toward the back of the shop and into another. It was a second hand shop, which was pretty empty except for the far wall and the little dressing rooms. I went around looking at what they had. There were some other people there including some kids. They had some coats, big furry ones. They had Totoro things, random merch, they might have had some BJDs.

I think if anything that part just warned me not to spend on silly things if I want to save up and go to Japan or whatever else I end up doing with my money.

I had more parts of a dream.

I dreamt of the Belcher kids, they were hanging out somewhere. Maybe swimming. I kind of took the place of Louise and then my mom was there. We were swimming in a small place. It was like a secluded room that just happened to have a pool inside. We left and walked through the country side to get back home. I had to pick up my bag somewhere by the bushes. I don't remember much of our conversation now.

We went home. I think it was night time. My dad was there. The house looked different. The walls were brown. And it was quite rectangular, the living room. My dad walked me through. He suspected his siblings of being gay. He'd written down their names on a paper, some kind of calendar maybe, which was up on a wall. He said their names out loud. "______ enjoyed it." Then we kept walking, while looking outside through the windows in the rooms. Then someone said something. 421? A slightly misshapen chocolate egg wrapped in purple foil rolled out from one of the rooms with the door closed. The door opened and there was a large man inside. I asked my mom who it was and she wouldn't tell me. I asked if we were running an airbnb now or something.

I went up the street to get sushi because apparently there was a restaurant that made it. My street didn't really look the way it really is. I went in. I think I ate. At one point I ordered a roll, but it was never brought to me. I just glared at the girl I ordered from. And she looked back but not particularly at me. I just left. But I went back later because I wanted the food I ordered. It was just a roll but I really wanted it. I was trying to remember what was in it. Probably avocado. Maybe cucumber. At one point my mom came. There was someone sitting at the table I was sitting at. Just one chair, facing the entrance, in the corner. The person was eating. We spoke to them and apparently their food wasn't brought either. My mom suggested they get something easy like soup and they would bring it.

I think that's all I remember.

Yup that was kind of weird lol.