I recently downloaded a new software for my computer. It's a little something called Quest. Its a free software that allows you to create your own text adventures. The program is actually rather easy to use, and you don't need too much programming knowledge. There's even a tutorial that you can access, and you can learn even more about the program from the Quest forums.

So yeah, haven't been on Gaia too much because I've been creating my own video games. Though I DID go onto Skype, and show my game to Rosario. He was actually somewhat impressed with what I was able to do, and said he might use this software to create his own games. (Something tells me his would be dirty though.) It makes me want to post a link on here, so you could play my game yourselves. I'd even give it away for free, because it's just a test game. I made it to test the software, and its sorta bad on purpose.

That being said, I'm using my knowledge from this test game to work on something even better. That one, I'd probably monetize. Though I have to finish programming everything first. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!