Chapter Eight:

Sara took her time looking over the different spells Lady Yuth had to offer. The mage had to be careful, even with a licence to sell scroll this was dangerous work. Any miss conduct would ship the woman off with all the other 'magical deviants'. The older woman was patient with Sara, letting her take her time. She had a lot to replace since her backup was gone. Plus the woman had a lot of scrolls Sara had never seen before and wanted to make sure she spent her gold wisely. So she replaces Fireball, Magic Missile, Identify and a few others.

She just about spent everything she had on new scrolls before joining the others. She blinks as Raditz stays at her side. His eyes seem to go along the wall, but she could feel his tail around her own. He was acting as if it was just a coincidence as she shakes her head. Anomen walks up to them as Sid continued to talk to Ribald."Find anything useful My Lady?" She nods as she stuffs her book into her bag for now. "A few spells I haven't seen before..still happy that jerk didn't get my main spellbook..."

He raises his brow at her as she shrugs. "Lets just say that because I'm an arch-mage I get special liberty to spells some people aren't really allowed to get their hands on, to dangerous." "What kind of spells?" Anomen asked her, rather curious. "Well there's one I can think of, it has an odd name, but it's basically chain lightning, but it hits hard and it lasts for quite a long time...haven't really used it much but I still remember it." She could still remember a good amount of spells she had and would just write them down later.

She blinks as she feels something tighten around her as she looks at the large Saiyan, still looking at the wall. She crosses her arms at him before turning her eyes back to the young squire. "At any rate, I take it you'll just go back to your usual fighting style?" Raditz blinks as he looks at her. He only used the halberd because he picked it up, after that once they returned to Cyrodiil. "Of course, I still have to get stronger." He had told her about the Androids, even if she had no idea what that was.

She had much to learn about ki, but for now she would put her focus back into her magic and keep herself safe with a simple bow. Of course if worse came to worse she knew Raditz would keep her safe and this was coming from the guy that wasn't interested at first. Soon Sid walks up to them as Jaheira slips on a new chainmail as Sid fixes his own gear. Once everyone was ready they returned to the Copper Coronet and found the door near the back that lead them into the sewers that ran under the area.

Sara shudders, at least the pathay down here wasn't to narrow, but she still didn't like it as they all followed the stairs down. Sid frowns a bit, the area was lit with new torches, which meant this path was still in use. The party keeps their guard up and not ten feet in before they ran into a small group of hobgoblins. Sid was the first into the fight as Anomen blocked one of the large beast as Jaheira soon joins in and Sara just aims her bow, taking one out quickly. Anomen blinks as the one he blocked falls over dead.

It always surprised Raditz just how deadly Sara was with the bow as she takes aim on a new foe and Sid ducks as an arrow flies past him. Soon the group of hobgoblins were dead and Sid turns to Sara. She blinks as she places her bow back on her shoulder. "What I've been using a bow since I was...ten?" She didn't really remember all that well, but it had been long enough. "You've seen me with a bow." Sid gives her a slow nod. "Well yes, but it's still scary that you can one shot something that large." She rolls her eyes as she moves froward. "Come on.."

She was happy that the sewers here wasn't as spread out as the ones under Baldur's Gate. It seemed to only have one main path and Sara stops, looking down. Yoshimo looks down to see a trap set on a makeshift bridge between a gap in the water system. The skilled thief gets to work and disarms the trap. He goes on ahead this time to make sure no other traps waited for them. The only other thing they ran into was another group of hobgoblins and they too were taken care of quickly.

As Sara took a look around there was one narrow hall leading north. There was a large door and she opened it slowly to see it was nothing more than a large standing pool of murky water and some pipes that lead to it. She was about to leave when she saw something in the water. She gets a closer look and to her surprise, there's a sword down there. Was it really worth the swim, in questionable water? Yes, yes it was, she dives in as Raditz sees her take a nosedive into the dark water. He was about to go in after her as she pops out, now holding a two handed sword.

He helps her out of the water and lets out a low growl. "The hell was that..why did you dive into the water?" Sara just smiles as she shakes herself off, showing him the sword. "This was down there, I think it's magic." "Can we kill something now?" She lets out a yelp as she throws the thing to the ground and Sid walks over slowly to see what was going on. "Did..I hear a voice?" She points to the sword. "It talks!!!"

Sid picks up the simple blade and looks it over. "There's something on here." Sara uses her magic and a name appears on the helt. "Lilarcor.." Sid keeps looking the blade over before it speaks again. "Hey could we kill that other there, come on lets kill something!" The fighter slowly places the sword back into Sara's hands. "You can keep it." "Why the hell would I want a talking sword!?" Sara didn't know what to do with it, but she had to admit, it had a good enchantment on it. "You take it, I'll keep my bow." Sid decides to take it, sadly it was better than what he had at the moment.