Chapter Seven:

As the group made their way into the fighters pit, Sara takes a look around. The spectators were gone now at least. There were three different rings set up for fighting and at least the troll was gone as Sid makes his way to where there was a side hall. It had to be where they kept the animals for the pit fights. Sid decides to go in as well as Jaheira. Yoshimo leans back as Anomen crosses his arms. "Don't see why we have to go through all this trouble, no doubt they're just rubble."

Sara lets out a low growl and gives him a good smack across the head. He stumbles forward as Raditz just lets out a low chuckle. "How dare you, there's a reason slavery was band in my home, to keep crap like this from happening, you don't know what they've been through." He frowns as he rubs the side of his head. "Besides you're a squire, you should know by now you help anyone no matter what.." Anomen was about to say something, as something large pounces at them.

Sara jumps out of the way as a large leopard lands a few feet away from them. It lets out a low growl as it turns to them, claws ready. Jaheira had tried to use her powers as a Druid to try and reach the creature, but failed because the animal had been so mistreated there was no hope for it. The large cat makes a leap at the knight, but Raditz manages to catch it by the throat and strangles it before it could hurt anyone. Sid soon runs out to make sure no one was hurt, but he soon sees there was nothing to worry about.

Jaheira soon comes out, with the key, the beastmaster had been dealt with. Sara takes the key and heads back to the cells, pushing Anomen to the side as she goes to let the slave out. Anomen frowns at this, but takes what she said to heart. If that's how he really thought it was no wonder he wasn't a full knight. Sara opens the cells to see two of them held children and the middle one held Hendak and two other fighters. The barbarian stretches out his large frame as steps out. "My brothers, we are free!"

Sara smiles as he turns to her. "Thank you my friend we shall make sure that Lehtinan never does this again." The other fighters within the cell take up their weapons and follow the man out into the hall. Sara blinks as she takes out the simple sword she had picked up. "We might want to follow after them, no doubt Lehtinan has more guards just waiting for this sort of thing from happening." Sid nods as they follow the slaves, and sure enough one of the fighters was already against a lone guard.

Sara joins the poor guy as he yells at the guard. "My family's blood is still on your hands you b*****d!!" The guard almost knocks him back when sara joined in and catches the guard by surprise. The fighter thrust his sword in and kills the guard. He turns to her and bows his head. "T-thank you.." He turns and heads off as they go back to the chase to follow after Hendak. The barbarian had already cornered the skrunny male against a wall. "What, Hendak, how did you get out?!" The large male just towers over Lehtinan.

"You're no longer in charge Lehtinan, you die here for what you've done. My body has been honed from the years of fighting in your pits, you can not stop me!" Hendak pulls out a large two handed sword as Lehtinan just pulls out a long sword and the two dual it out. Of course Lehtinan didn't stand a chance against the much more experienced fighter and with one hit, the man was dead. "This place is free now, no longer will Lehtinan run this place, I am now the owner of this inn." Bernard the bartender looks up at that as the barbarian turns back to him. "You are still free to work here my friend."

The man just nods and goes back to his work. Hendak smiles as he turns to Sara. He gave them a small reward for what they did and Sid was more than happy to take what he had to offer. Hendak takes a slow breath. "I have one request, if you are willing." The group turns to him as he continues. "I was brought here through the sewers under the slums, no doubt the slave masters are still under there. They do not know of Lehtinan's downfall." Sara holds up her hand as Sid was more than willing to agree. "If there's anymore slaves under there, we shall see to it to save them." Sid says as Sara smiles at him she could always rely on him to do the right thing.

Before they went down there, Sara needed a moment to get a few things. "I need to go to the market and get a new spellbook." The weak replacement wasn't going to do her any good. She needed something slightly better and now that they had a little more funds to their name she could get it. Sid nods it was a good idea, they all needed better equipment if they wanted any kind of hope to do much of anything useful. "I'm going to go back to the Adventurer's Mart in Waukeen's Promenade, I think that'll be my best bet.."

She turns and heads out of the inn as Raditz follows after her. Yoshimo shrugs and decides to follow since he needed a few things as well. Soon Sid shrugs and follows and the other two members of the party just follow after him. Waukeen's Promenade was a large area, with a circus tent set in the middle. Most of them saw it when they first came out of the dungeon. Sara wanted to stay as far away as she could, she was not a fan of clowns. Raditz didn't know what to make of it, but she just drags him along to the large store and goes in. There was a woman in the back who sold magical items and was more than happy to help.

They went in before, to sell what little they picked up from Irenicus. It wasn't much but it did give them some gold to use. Now with the reward and everything else they could buy some new gear. Sid needed some better armor, Jaheira needed a new staff, Yoshimo a shield, Anomen really didn't need anything, but he felt he should just stay with the group. Still it gave him time to rethink how he saw the world. He wanted to be a knight more than anything, but so far his dream hadn't gone far. He was a squire sure, but it was just one small step. He wanted more, and he needed to work for it.