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                                      Clara Margrave

                                      Age: 34

                                      Gender: Female

                                      Physical Appearance:

                                      Role: Oracle Knight #4 Ranger Pilot

                                      Element: Wind

                                      Combative Skills: Rather skill in the use of anything that is consider a bow. She showed above average hand to hand combat, and use of other melee weapons such as swords, daggers, and spears. However, she prefers to use her own costumed made bow.

                                      Gwyn's Embrace ( The name she's given her Bow)

                                      The bow is five feet tall with a mental covering the frontal part of the weapon system only having a small area for sights and the bow housing area. Extending behind it is a complex uses of levering system,of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs that is the main source power to the whole weapon system and reason why it has such long range. View as a compact bow would find that frontal metal plating to be complex weapon flaw as it can hinder her viewing of the battle field. While normally this is the correct way of think she has done some rather unique things to her weapon. The sides of the bow are sharpen to a level of a blade tip so she can even use it as a way to fight the handle in which she uses to keep a grip is also unique on how it works.

                                      Using orichalcum as the handle housing area in normal use it is in a lock sate allowing the weapon to function as a normal bow. However when engage with her element the lock that are normally in place open up and allow the weapon to spin the more she supplies it with her element the higher the RPM (revolutions per minute). The this acts as a shield in case something has gone wrong and enemy has gotten that close to her on top of she can use it as a way to slice an enemy in half. when she slowly stops giving it her element it slows down and returns to normal position and locks back up.

                                      Eyes of Eagle

                                      This skill has allows her to be one if not deadliest range Knights ever. Unknown reason she seem to be blessed with vision that of birds able to spot things far away and even able to track them as well. She been noticeable in using the skill when she is wielding Gwyn's Embrace. Making her have range's that unheard of, plus her raw talent of how to track the many small variables that could of set a shot. She has a high range of hitting her targets before they even know she has spotted them.

                                      Non-Combative Skills:

                                      Eye for Detail
                                      Critical Thinking
                                      Brewing Tea

                                      Weaknesses: While she is physically in great shape she isn't all that strong. She a very able fighter when need be but would rather chose to keep her range due to how light weight she is. On top of this she has chosen mobility over protection and is a very lightly armor person. Meaning most of her body is expose with only normal clothing to protect it. She attend to focus on only using her bow and thus her other skills with other weapons are consider to be rusty at best and thus she hardly ever will resort to them.

                                      Personality: Clara Margrave is known to be a very kind and relax person when she's off duty. Always reading or hanging out with people in her city of Reynes. However behind this nice charming girl is someone that has taken a deep plague to right the wrong she see's in her city and their great country. She's a very holy type of person saying prayers before eating and even in combat as she takes aim and delivers a killing blow. She is known to be harsh to those who take advance of others weakness and tries to spread corruption.

                                      She considers The Church of Origin to have failed its main goal and duty of spreading the good word of Gwyn and that the inquisition has failed to keep the church cleansed from the temptation of evil. This belief makes her known as a problem within the Church of Origin, as she is also head of the family ruling over the city. Many within the Church as well as close acquaintances consider her almost as fanatical as cult members who she hunts down.

                                      A child of the Margave family she was brought up in the religious city teaching as her foundation. Thus it is no shock to many how rooted in it she is, she came close to once become a priestess of the order itself. What stopped her was how she questions the order on some matters at a young age, she was pure in heart and couldn't turn a blind eye when she saw something wrong happening in Gwyn's name. Thus she found herself focusing on learning how to fight so that when she was able to one day fix the wrongs of the world with her own hands. Such a big goal for such a young age. She even claims that she had a dream in which Gwyn spoke to hear, telling her that she was the one that could fix the wrong of the world.

                                      Her mother and father told her never to speak of the story to anyone, but she truly believes that it is her path to do what was told her in the dream. Gwyn had chosen her, or so she thought, to fix the wrong of the worlds, to create the perfect world. With this believe she strengthened her resolve in her training and showed a unique skill in the art of the archery. Her eyes rather sharp an appearing to see in great lengths aid her in use of the bow. While more modern weapons were in use she showed great likeness for the bow, refusing to use anything other than that as her weapon. Like many other Oracle Knights at the age of eight, she was sent out for her training. One of the view things she took was her holy book that was given to her when she was a child.

                                      In her time of training, she took a like in engineering and since even going so far to build her own bow. While many with a strong belief never enjoy these two fields of study she did because it means she could create tools to aid her in her overall goal, to save them all from the grasp of evil. When she wasn't learning how to create she was out on the field of battle learning how to keep herself alive. Many consider her to be soft and weak but were proven wrong when it came to time to prove it. She showed them all she could lead and fight, almost on a whole other level. With her strong belief, she was willing to take the risk that others weren't and soon placed on top of class even beating a formal Scarlet in combat.

                                      When her training had finish those that had hope her views change in her time of the training or hope she would die in the training were all proven wrong. A young girl enters her training with such belief she finishes with even a stronger resolve to carry out the mission she believes she has. She was given a Ranger Harmonic Frame something she believes she was well suited for since she loves archery above all else form of combat. Once she was free and sent back to her home city she set out to root out the cult and those who stain her beloved belief.

                                      For a few years, she spent out in the field hunting down those who would bring harm to the weak and pure. Many people saw her as a beacon of hope in the sea of dread that was around the Church, the Church didn't like this at all and even the Cult of Forgotten Gods found her to be a problem. However, she was summoned to join a team to Alto a city she wishes to visit, so in a way, it made it more possible to keep going on her mission. One of the last Knights to join them, in fact, she joins them two days before they got to Alto. She had spent that time trying to find any Cult members on her way to meeting the team.