Things have been good lately. Better, at any rate. I'm so much happier. My relationships have improved with everyone, my friends, Matt, Jacques, my coworkers... I feel like things are starting to look up and the clouds are slowly dispersing. I still have a long way to go before I think he'll open up to me... before I can tell him everything I want to. I'm still so anxious when I think about it. Will any of it matter? When I finally explain everything ... when I finally say I'm sorry. Will he believe me? Will he feel anything? When will that moment come, if it will? The future is so uncertain, but slowly I keep moving forwards, enduring in the face of the storm. And I'll keep on going, I won't give up on this. I will never, ever walk away again. When I see you smile, I know I never want to be away from you again. Will the day ever come when you feel the way I do?

I'll keep on waiting, and pray that someday you see it too.