Chapter Six:

Morning came, nothing was left of the bed as Sara slowly gets onto her feet. Raditz really did a number on the thing and boy did he look proud of himself. She just shakes her head at him as she finds her robe. She hated the thing, it was just some old brown colored thing Irenicus put her in. Sadly it was all she had as they got cleaned up and dressed, leaving the room for the poor maids to find. She makes it to the main floor to see some of the party members up and about.

Anomen stood there, crossing his arms as Sid was talking to a rather shady looking thing of a man. He was so thin, but had a strange sinister look about him. "What's going on?" The young squire jumps as he looks at her. "I'm unsure My Lady...did you sleep well?" She gives him a nod, then her eyes go wide. "Ah crap I forgot to rewrite my new spellbook..ah well good thing I know how to fight..." Anomen says nothing else as everyone else soon joins in. After a minute or so Sid walks up to them.

"Sorry, I was taking to Lehtinan, see that guard at the door over by the wall?" They all look and sure enough right along the same wall Anomen had been standing near not a day before was a guard watching a single door. "Seems the 'proprietor' here has a room for special I told him I had a lot of spare gold to spend and gave us a pass to go check it out." Sara crosses her arms, her tail moving slowly. "Let me guess, it's nothing short by shady.." "Yeah something about 'entertainment'." Sid adds in as he starts to make his way to the door.

Sara follows as well as everyone else. "I hate to know what this place passes as entertainment..." Anomen looks up slightly as their leader talks to the guard. "I have heard some rumors of pit fights...didn't really think much of it, these places to tend to draw such things." Jaheira looks up at that, not really liking the sound of this. They go in anyways to see two paths before them. One straight ahead which smelt like pipe smoke. The other to the left were a set of stairs lead up aways.

Sid takes them to the left first to find themselves on a high rise statum of some kind that overlooked a stage of deep pits. Seems the rumor was right, the place had been holding pit fights, illegal pit fights judging by the high walls and spikes along the walls to make sure no one climbed out. Though judging by the amount of blood on the walls told the group that didn't stop a few desperate unwilling fighters. It wasn't long before an announcer steps forward to catch the small amount of people gathered to see this 'fight'. No one really knew what to expect.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Copper Coronet is proud to present the newest competitor in todays match." Sara blinks as someone off to the side pushes in a lone dwarf. The poor man had nothing but a club for a weapon. He looks down, it was obvious he had been through hell. "This is inhuman, I will not fight..." The announcer lets out a low sneer. "You have no choice, you are a slave, refuse and be devoured for the entertainment of these let the fight begin." Sara lets out a gasp as they let in a large troll. "That's unfair, he can't kill that thing!"

Her cries go unheard as the poor dwarf tries to fight off the troll. The club does nothing as the monster gets a hold of the much smaller creature and tears into him, dragging him away to eat him. Anomen stands there, shaking. "This should not be allowed to to continue, justice is cried out here." Sid nods as he looks up. No doubt the straight hallway would lead them to where the 'fighters' were being held. They all heads out and before they got close to the side rooms Sara covers her mouth.

After their trip into the Undercellar she didn't want to pass out again. Raditz does the same, not wanting a repeat as well of another trip. Even Sid had to cover his nose as they pass a large room. There was nothing but a stack of pillows in there and a few people within getting high as a kite in there. Sara could only shake her head at them. As they reached the back door Sid found it was unlocked, surprisingly, then again no one came back here unless they worked here.

The guards were surprised to see just some normal citizen wonder in. Thinking he must be lost one of the guards walk up to Sid. "No one is allowed back here, get lost." Sid, not wanting to comply, pulls out his sword and goes for the attack. Jaheira and Yoshimo join in as well, pushing the other guards to the side so Sara could get in with her bow and hit one of the guards in the back. Once the place was cleared of the guards Sara turns to see the back wall was lined with locked doors, most likely holding the slaves that were forced to fight here.

She walks up to one of the doors to see a rather large fellow with blond hair. She didn't need to take a guess the man was a barbarian by his large frame and corded muscles. "Please, help us, no doubt you are not in league with the monster that keeps us here, Lehtinan." Sara shakes her head as her tail sways behind her. "No sir, we do not work for that b*****d, tell me how to we get you out?" He seems hopeful probably for the first time in ages. "The beastmaster, beyond the fighting pits..he has it." Sara lets out a low growl, time to pay someone a visit.