They danced in the moonlight.

Shadows silhouetted against rusty metal roofings, and the barely-fixed stereo clearly did not do the piece justice. Yet there, in his hands and arms, she felt exhilarated. Dancing at a time like this seemed so out of place, but quickly she decided that there was nowhere she would rather be.

They moved with the fluidness of a hand brushing through water, their synchronized bodies stepping perfectly in time. They moved as one unit, one single soul allowing the entwining, enchanting melodies to lead them around the open space. Enjoy themselves while they can, she decided, for once the rebellion began, there likely wasn't going to be another time to relax.

She decided that they could hold off the plans, to push away the inevitable another day and simply be. But they couldn't stop, could they? Couldn't hold back what is right for one more day to salvage more of their youth and their freedom. This carelessness and weightlessness was something she seldom felt.

She was swept into a dip, and he pulled her close.