Well everyone that was a interesting year!
It went flying by at lighting speed, 2017 felt so short.

Politics left right and sides, some made sense and some just sounded utterly crazy. Looking like the start of WW3 or who knows what else.

We lost even more heroes and idols in 2017.

Personally I almost died again, this is becoming a yearly thing where I almost die for the last 4 years. Not really a safe hobby but oh well, lets see what tries to kill me in 2018!

Gaia underwent some changes but unfortunately one of my favorite things, Lake Kindred, was almost completely forgotten and neglected by the Devs.
No real events, no new places, a new kin here and there, probably had more kin recolors and user-made than what the Devs made.
Its very unfortunate, I did like LK a lot and enjoyed collecting kins, but now its become less enjoyable thanks to the Devs.
I will probably made a LK re-placement event in my charity to help slightly with LK events but I'll have to plan it out first.

We got a new Spinning thing that is actually quite nice, I do like the login rewards as well, gives you a nice reward for just checking up on things and the spinning can give you some really cool items. So all and all that is good according to me.

My 2017 thoughts aren't as emotional as 2016, I've had a few "interesting" encounters with friends this year, whether it was people just up and disappearing or just plain forgetting Birthdays etc, it was interesting.

But that is my thoughts on 2017, I do hope that everyone has a good 2018!