Chapter Five: {Smut, so much smut. I know it's against the rules but honestly who the hell is even reading this? wahmbulance }

Raditz blinks at her as she tugs at his spandex. She didn't have to say anything as he quickly pulled it off of him. He lets out a low purr as she removes her robe for him. She was still in a bit of pain but she tires to hide it. He gives her a worried looks but she runs her finger tips over his arms slowly. No doubt he had waited long enough for this moment and now that they they were together again, she wanted to keep their promise.

He lets out a low deep purr as he moves his tail slowly. He still had hoped that he could have spent that week with her, but beggars can't be choosers. He nuzzles his face into her neck as he presses against her. The man was already hard a rock for her as she runs her hand through his thick hair. He lets out a low grunt as he presses the tip of his member into her as she tightens her hold on him. She knew deep down this was going to hurt like hell, but she also knew he would go easy on her.

He moves his large hands onto her hips as he slowly slides deeper, making her gasp out as he runs into her barrier. He looks back at her, his dark eyes shining at her as she looks back at him. He would pull away, if she still felt she wasn't ready for this. It would make things a bit difficult for him but he would understand. She doesn't tell him to stop, instead she pulls him down slightly as she kisses at his neck. His hold body shudders as he grips her tightly, giving her one deep thrust.

She lets out a gasp as she bites into his neck. He lets out a surprised yelp, not thinking she could actually pierce through his skin. It sends a tingle down his spin however as he feels a light trail of blood run down his skin. His eyes toll back as he starts to buck his hips into her, allowing he to bite him. He didn't know something so simple would turn him on so much. Then again, she was marking him, something only Saiyans did normally. But she did tell him, once she choose her mate, she was in it for the long run much like he would be.

She lets him go after a minute or to before licking at the mark she made. That caused him to let out a deep moan and soon returned the favor by biting the side of her neck, down near her shoulder. She digs her nails into his back as he starts to pick up the pace, feeling his canines dig into her skin as he to breaks into the skin and leaves his own mark on her. He felt, whole as his tail wraps itself to grip her's. It was such a deep connection on which the Saiyan had never felt before.

He soon places his hands on the bed, gripping it tightly as he grinds into her. Her cries of pleasure only got louder as he did that, feeling him spread her out more and more as he thrusted into her. She sharp nails draw a thin line down his skin, not that he really seemed to mind. What he did mind was the sudden sound of the bed was making as it creaked under him. He blinks, he didn't realize just how loud the bed would be, but soon he doesn't care. No doubt anyone in the near by rooms could hear them.

He did hear someone pounding at the wall, he would kill them later. He was in the middle of something, or more someone. This made up for all the screw ups in his life so far. All the wrongs he did, trying to kill his brother, his nephew, countless planets and races that never stood a chance. All the countless people he used and tossed aside. He wouldn't do that to her, never before had he ever thought he could get this lucky. Maybe Anomen was right, he did love her, but he wasn't going to get all sentimental over it, he was still a Saiyan. He blinks as he hears a surprised yelp as the bed makes a rather loud crack sound and soon a thud.

He holds onto her tightly and blinks, panting softly. He looks up to see they were on the floor. He spaced out a bit and broke the bed with the force he was using. He looks down at his mate, still sheathed inside of her. She was panting just as hard, seems she was enjoying the intense love making. He lets out a low chuckle as he purrs deeply, oh well he would pay for that later, maybe. He returns his thought to her as she starts to roll his hips into her again. He was so close as she rocks her body with his.

It was so much to take in as she lets out a low cry of pleasure again. He could feel her walls tighten around him as he feels a rush of fluid flow over him. She hit her climax over him as he lets out a deep low purr. He slams into her once last time as he soon floods her insides with his hot seed. He holds onto her tightly as he pumps as much of it into her as he could. He could even feel it slowly start to spill out of her, but that didn't slow him down any. It lasted for a few minutes before he hits his limit and soon collapses on her.

He slowly rolls to the side of her, holding her close to him. He takes a minute to catch his breath before he looks at her. He smiles as he runs his fingers over her lightly. She opens her eyes as she gazes at him, a little out of breath. "Did we break the bed?" He lets out a low pleased sound. "That we did my mate." She laughs as she shakes her head. "Oh my we broke the thing you." He gives her a small shrug. "I have no regrets." She tries to catch her breath. "There's going to be so much hell to pay." He just nuzzles his large body into her. "Go to sleep."

She lets out a huff as he just lays there, his strong arms wrapped tightly around her. "!" He licks her shoulder as he covers her eyes with a blanket. "Sleep." There was no room to argue with the large Saiyan now holding her down. To be fair, after that, her body was now desperate for some sleep. "Fine..but not because you told me to." She closes her eyes and hides her face into his chest. He just purrs deeply as he falls into a deep sleep. He didn't pull out however, he didn't have to, they would just have round two in the morning.