[From the Diary of Tanillia Lacrimosa] Why did you have to die?

Dear Auntie who is now in the ground,

Why did you have to die? Everyone says," It's was only a matter of time," or " With HER track record, she would have poked the bear one too many times now WOULD she?" Well you know what Auntie, ITS TOTAL BULLSHIT!! I mean not to long ago, you were strongest hatter in the family behind grandpa Mac. Someone those neigh sayers praised behind those stupid mask of theirs. When you found something, Hunted your next catch or done something outlandishly creative, I was always in awe. Remember the time you catch that, humongous Jabberwalker with nothing but some fishing like and tuna salad. Or when finally proved that, Bill was forcefully breaking hatters to hire more for "The office" EVEN AFTER people denied you otherwise. and of course, I cant forget how you helped me study for my first Loonotics exam. It was truly the first creation, I successfully made come to life. Toptop was so proud of my Imagiplant that she paraded it all over the school. she even beat her rival in the head with it and got sent to the principals office. I decided to name the plant "FruFru" since it reminds me of one of those furry french plants that itch your back when your not careful. Did you know that I still have that project today, I just couldn't let it go. Though i made sure to retract it back to seedling mode, so I can occasionally re sprout it for old times sake. Of course it always reshapes itself into something new when I give it a fun go.

Sigh... Even now, when I think of your change into madness, I may not know how you go to that state or why but I do not think it was inherently wrong either. Your still my aunt and just forcing to shun you for the sake of liability goes against everything we as hatters stand for. We are already a taboo magical profession so why not embrace it and let ourselves run wild. We can do things AGAINST THE LAWS OF PHYSICS FOR PEATS SAKE. yes I know MOST hatters only use the profession to become informants but that shouldn't force the rest of us to play to the tune of the magical commission just for acceptance of more resources. Our homes can continue to be burned down for all I can as long as I can keep being my wacky self.. other wise....what's the point in it all. I understand we have to forge our own meanings into why we imagine things and what we want to do with out talents. But I just wish people didn't give you such a hard time on what you are now and how big your mistakes were. Just let it be known that I still love you, no matter how many waiters you slash for not putting the right amount of oregano on. I should head to bed so I can get ready for celebrating Toptop's tea party. She doesn't know it yet but her present this year will be amazing. So wherever you are Auntie, I hope you are having a wonderful time.