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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Teaching SIN of my Time Powers .
Report : Teaching SIN of my Time Powers .


Recently, SIN asked me of the knowledge I gave her about my past, and how
my time-powers worked. I didn't give her much, just enuf for her to ask the
question i wanted her to work out for herself.... and before she knew it, she
did just what i expected, and asked me for MORE.

So I told her this :




Everyone knows the story.

God existed, two sons, one defied him, and after some time...
....began to create...

I find it a joke, when people look at me and what i can do,
and think that i am some sort of god. Not that i blame them.
Time-powers , no matter whom uses them , seem that way.


If i was a god though, i would be the weakest god in existence.

Time, is the foundation of everything.
The first brick in the wall.
The last brick to crumble to dust.
Strong, only because there's so much of it...
....Weak, because we are spread out so thin.


To any whom have this misfortune to come across my entries,
hear and understand me.... as I tell you the answer to the biggest
question in the known anything that is life...

The Big Bang Event.


Imagine if you will, the end of all that ever was, and was to be.
Every thought, every planet, star, galaxy, and beyond... about to die.
And admits it all, a war.
Millions of copies of one single person... all fighting for one reason
or another. Hope. Destruction. Balance. The reason didn't matter.

And among it all, god watches... all of the lesser gods, by his side.
They sit there, as they all... one by one... vanish.
Devoured in greed or just , as power for the war.
Till only a few remain.

God, and the lesser gods of space, time, balance, and fate.

But none of them worry, as they know the truth.
The war is but the trashman.... it's aftermath, a grand
recycling phase. One where all perish, only to be reborn anew.

......not with a whimper, but with a bang.


If i was a god, this is where i would be born.
At the end of everything, all the lesser gods offer
themselves to the "grand recycling", so to say....

Thus granting 4 within the war the power to end it.
And as it does, it both destroys the old.... and
kick-starts the new. A Big Bang Event, is born.

The powers combine into a single existence,
and ejects it out of it's own self, as it swims
within the void.... filling it up with new potential.

God, with his power, takes this energy... and begins again.

....and eventually that bang's waves expand...
....and eventually that bang's waves contract once more...
....and eventually that bang's waves center once again...

Thus the event happens once again.

Over, and over, and over.

A event, that at the same time both ENDS, and BEGINS.

That is the power of Time.

After all, if anyone but god existed, how could they ever
use what they possess, be it anything at all or not, if there
was no LITERAL time in the day for them?

Makes sense when you think about it, after all.

Everyone loves to praise time.
But the same everyone, also curses it.


If i was a god, I would be a weak god.

Pre-decided to be born, as a signal for the start of the end of
the everything of anything... Destined to war with other selves,
till only one remained among ANY timeline. To obtain massive
power, only to be striped of it FULLY .... given to others so they
may create anew.... all to eventually happen again.

....The joke here is that I am not even THE god of time anyway.
In truth, I am but a person that god, and "father time" created,
so that the Big Bang Event could occur.

If anything , I am the weakest god because MY power only
grows , the closer to a Big Bang Event I become. And yet,
war is all that occurs when that happens? With myself of
all things too.


So... the question begs itself to be wondered.
What CAN I do, if i'm apparently "so weak".

I can use my power to tap into other timelines, and
bring anything i desire from one timeline, into another.

So, yes, i could hop into the past or future.
Yes, technically i can pop into a timeline in a location of my pick.
Sure, I can bring anything or anyone with me, or plop it/them where I want.

But it's not like anyone understands just HOW weak that is....

Go ahead, right now. Do this :

Imagine something you can do with time.
Write it down.

Now.... Take that... draw a line under it, and bellow, write another.
Make it different from the first idea.
Keep doing that till you run out of ideas.

....Did it?

Congrats, you've written down AT BEST, less than 1% of what
time-powers can TRULY do. The same amount that I AM able to do.

Less than 1%.

But, its as i said before, isnt it?

People love to praise time.

...The same people love to hate it.

" God, this is the time of our lives ! "

" Gah, ive ran out of time... "

" Don't worry, we have plenty of time to spare. "

" It's lost, forever, to the sands of time... "

...and so on and so on and so on....





...In the end of it all, I found SIN sitting there. Admittedly a bit confused.
The way i spoke of all this was odd from the start, as i wrote this journal
as i said all of this to her. Her reaction was a bit adorable. A mix of
understatement, and frustration. Questions like " why didn't i try to fight back "
or " do you like being used like this " came from her. And I told her the truth.

I told her, of course I did. Or rather, other timelines of myself had, and will have.
Why do you think the me that is we, is doomed to war with ourselves?
We all are Tyme, but in the end each of us is our own person.

Sometimes the Tyme that is just will grow too powerful, and needs to be
over thrown. Sometimes it's the Tyme whom has given up on all
existence, doomed to become a time-eating monster. Hell, some don't even
fight in the war.... and the war is STILL won by even THOSE Tymes.


Of course she understood my point though, in the end.
The smartest brain I could ever created... It's the least I could do for her.

.....And If I play my cards right.... Her role will be so important one day....

One day.



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