The scene opens with with a shot of Weiss asleep/falling asleep, as is the other songs for the colours. Weiss lays her head on her uncomfortable white desk, which is littered with pages and pages of music. ("Ripped up sheets of paper / Lay right next to her" wink Some appear to be printed, some it seems she was scoring herself. The camera angle pans around her room, revealing various instruments (an electric keyboard, guitar, flute, trombone, the bow of a violin) scattered around the room. The floor is also covered with sheet music. Clearly, Weiss is not a very neat person, demonstrating her rather... "live-in-the-moment" attitude which is prominent throughout wR.

("All she needs is / Someone to hold on" wink
There's a lot of references to Noire in this. We surf through her memories (all in varying shades of yellow, brown, black, white)......