we are our effects

extremist examples? extremist examples.
person dies. they quite easily visibly live on in their effects (he lives on how his music effects its listeners, viewers of the videos, he's all there, there's only no new content straight from him)

new line of thought is thought that
sadness is encouraged from precedence. yes, it must be. this could explain much of the feelings of people who don't know, eg celebrities, but feel grief when they die. or that's empathy. but it could be both. yes?
Really, precedence must be a working force, it is in everything where it's present and there's a TON that says death > grief. totally.
Ideas that death does not always > grief are totally commonplace too, but situationally unusual, right.

Seattle Times Glickman supposed narcissism and yeah, just with that word, it sounds right. all is one, one is me. if another dies, i am dying, i am my greatest interest/love/obsession/something, maybe german, and so i am sad.

it's guilt that stops you listening to isn't it? and from writing his name a h a ha. for not noticing but saying emo like an insult, middle school, not understanding and/or seeing~ you're the same and yet~~
and that's a bonus fun irony. we're on narcissism, observe you're the same, and you still didn't notice! the difference between you (all is one...) was enough! this is... advanced narcissism.

"I'm sorry" you keep thinking you're sorry or do you just want the hurt to stop. this hurt is guilt and a personal wound and you never touched him, he never knew you, and how could you have helped. you could have- saying you can't is a lie. what would you have done... there may have been something, indeed..

Hipster need.. perhaps we just need to be more careful, that is all there is to learn from this. emo, middle school... they're synonyms for sadness, terrible times.^^; be kind.. don't bully anymore. T^T even if you have to think of everyone, "what if they killed themselves!" then do so, ******** try it. we're blooming. learning these basic things.

thinking again i'm so sorry. so we're thinking it really to ourself, for losing (not killing*) him that is us. so we ask, are you okay? if we're not, and we're not, then we try to help and how to... we don't deserve to not suffer.. this sounds like yes, we're only sorry because we want the hurt to stop, but perhaps we can be illogically sorry.

*his action is ours too, though, via law. yeah. mhm this is understood, it all works..

so we ask, how can we listen? if the queries are worked through/troubles reconciled, we should be able to right, but we ask if we can and no we can't. or maybe we can, oh but we won't, oh this is real. as real as can be....? how to tell. i think there is not a way, or not one i possess or can even think of.

so time is needed
what about time does this
space could, i think? reeally far.. across the world.. at the bottom of the sea.. on another planet.. would it be easier...? i think it would be... you could get a distance away enough that is like a length of time..
so nothing about the matter has changed, very clearly, it's very clear if ur just runnin off somewhere far like that. similarly, or exactly?, nothing has changed when time goes by? are they illusions then in the same way? and just that, illusion, is sufficient?

but if two different kinds of illusion like that are good enough to salve these kinds of wounds, what's that say about these kinds of wounds... ..obvious answer is they're not really.... but it could be an instance of The opposite being true. they're the most. or at least some kind of Very.

well. depression kills like gunshot wounds do.

"everything is exactly the same." kanye, god-

i'm losing that line of thought so let's point out that "so nothing about the matter has changed, very clearly," may not necessarily be true. maybe something has changed; i mean someone left. ..well all things are always changing, oh my god where even am i right now with this

superhuman could carry his legacy, bear it, listen knowing he'll live well through them. you, as an acting trash, do not know this, so his death and your death are very alive and so it hurts too much to listen. to listen, youu need time or distance, is all we've figured as options so far, genius. nah, think of others, accomplish that.

maybe that's it without indifference, just the three, idk. is it fair to stop, it feels like time. we're sad because we died and narcissism explains that. and that's explained by something we're only at "humans suck/are stupid" with. should work on that, later