Dreamt last night that I was part of a group of rebels on a tropical island. We lived in the side of a mountain that was protected by a huge, fortified door made of iron but was covered in dirt and trees. We opened the door for no one. At one point, though, we had to let a HUGE amount of people inside in order to save them from being massacred, so me and the other leaders of the place debated about whether we should have them go through the secret tunnels -- slowly -- or just open the door this once and let everyone in quickly.

The refugees were all lined up outside in huge yellow school buses. I became suspicious that one of the buses contained terrorists with bombs inside coolers that they said contained fish, and ice. I begged my compatriots to delay letting these people in before I checked their luggage. I went aboard the bus and lifted the lid of one of the coolers, and the driver just started driving me away. They were basically kidnapping me, and it was terrifying.