Her presence seemed to take up the whole room. She speaks with such conviction, and her sharp strides easily commands the attention of all fifty of us.

"There will be three round of evaluations," she continues, pulling out the tablet from behind her back. The holographic screens scattered throughout the room flash and hum to life on cue. "First, commencing in four minutes and thirty-eight seconds, is the solo rounds. This is your opportunity to show the class and the trainers what you're made of."

"You will be ranked according to the results of this round. Ranking is ongoing, and are scored by us, the trainers. We look for not only the strength of your ability, but the technique by which you utilize your power. Based on these evaluations, which," she pauses, scanning the crowd with an ice-cold smile plastered to her face, "are available to all students to view on their tablets, will be used by you in the second round, where you will choose a partner for the next four years."

Murmurs erupt through the crowd. Our scores would be for all to see? Choosing a partner? [KS] rolls her eyes, clearly having received this reaction in the past. I watch as the Head Trainer's body is immersed in a muted light, before two identical copies of herself appear on either side of her, shimmering and shining with light.

"QUIET." [KS]'s voice booms across the large gym, three times the volume it was before. She sighs dramatically, crossing her arms, and her mimes do the same.

"You can choose based on ranking, on compatibility," she pauses and narrows her eyes at a couple snickering boys in the back rows, "...Which means that your powers or fighting styles complement each other, or if you happen to make a friend that you seem to get along with, feel free to choose them. But be warned," she pauses again, for dramatic effect, "You will be stuck with your partner for four years, so choose wisely. Your pairing will also be ranked based on a combination of your training, battle, and exam scores, so if you wish to make an impression on the Trainers, or..." the corner of her mouth curves into a smile, "the Heroes Scouts that may or may not care to watch the leaderboards, I would choose someone capable."

Tension is palpable. I can feel the Supers around me itching to converse, to turn to the person next to them to say, hey, isn't this whole thing super crazy?, but we are all too intimidated by the three [KS]s to move an inch.

"Lastly, you will be put in teams of four to evaluate your teamwork and communication skills." [KS] continues on, ignoring the students. Her two mimics nod politely. "The teams can be random assigned, or based on your solo rankings. It's whatever we feel like this year." She says with a shrug.