Chapter Thirty-Seven:

With the fight over with, Sara was able to teleport them back into the thieves guild. Of course she had to make sure everyone had gone through the portal before she followed after them. It was a little trick she learned while fighting Diablo. She couldn't go far with it, but it saved them the trouble of having to go through the maze again. Sid got the feeling they were no longer welcomed here so they were very quick to leave the city behind, just in case the Fist would come after them once again.

Sid had never been happier to be outside then he was right now as they all gathered outside the walls of Baldur's Gate. Still with the information he now had, the question remained, what should he do now? He turns to Imoen who just smiles as she stands at his side. "I think..we should go back to Candlekeep, now that we know how to get in, we should make sure that we get all the doppelgangers." He turns to Khalid and Jaheira. "We will return to the bandits camp and make sure no one returns there to use it.." Jaheira answers his look for him.

Sid turns to Sara who just shrugs. "I gotta head back home and tell my people and the Order...well something..." She had no idea how she was going to explain this one. "How does this sound, crazed lunatic drunk on power tried to start a war between Baldur's Gate and Amn, we stumbled unto his plans, killed him and those that worked for him, sound good?" Sid smiles at this as he runs up to her and hugs her tight. "Thank you.." She nods and pats his back. After all she didn't really know much about the Gods here so why include that in her report?

Raditz just shrugs, he'll go where she went, after all he still had plans for her later, in private. Plus it would be nice to once again be in his original armor. The platemail was nice but it had worn out it's welcome ages ago. It just just to hard for him to get used to. She would have to return to the tower in order to return home, but she hoped she could do so without the guards spotting her. With their final goodbyes they went their separate ways. However Sara got the feeling, she would see them again.

For now, she was happy to return to the mages guild after all this time and Raditz was quick to change back into his old armor. She shakes her head at him as she heads off to go tell Oreyn how her mission went. Of course he followed her, not really wanting to be left behind. He had gotten so used to having her around it was strange to be without her. She doesn't complain as they made their way out to Chorrol. He stays close to her as she enters the Fighters Guild and tells the dark elf everything.

She didn't hide anything from the man, after all he was the one to raise her. However when she gave her report to the Order she would keep to her promise and not tell them of what Sid had found out. As for Oreyn he just stands there, shocked. "So all of this..for some prophecy to become a God?" Sara nods her head as she leans back. "That's the jest of it, though I get the feeling we'll be asked to go back to the Coast. If this prophecy holds any truth, which I'm sure it does, things will only get worse.."

Oreyn rubs his chin as he closes his eyes. "Yes..if there's to be a war between these 'Children' no doubt countless innocents will be caught in the cross fire. What do you plan to do guild master?" He called her that for kicks as she narrows her eyes at him. "I'll write to the Order and let them know the iron shortage has been dealt with as well as some other problems that had been plaguing the Coast, I will leave out the whole...Bhaal thing, I don't think they need that information at least yet."

With that she would spend the rest of the day writing out a report that sounded just right. Once she made sure it was good enough she magically sends the letter, by then, it was late into the night. She gets up from her desk and takes Raditz to her home in Chorrol. She had a nice two floor house here, she mostly used it when she had to work a lot at the guild so it often got dusty since she very rarely came in here. While Raditz got to look around she heads upstairs to her room.

His eyes go wide when he sees this and smirks, following after her. She had a large king sized bed in the master bedroom. She sits at her table as she opens her bag of holding and pokes through it. She really didn't pick up much from the Coast, a few things here and there. But she pulls out her spell book and the newer one would have to be redone since she just shoved a bunch of scrolls in there for later use. All in all it wasn't a bad thing as she looks up to see she wasn't alone.

The rest can wait as she gets up and walks over to him. He lets out a low purr as he wraps his tail around her and pulls her to the bed. She lets out a soft yip as he sits her on his lap, again, facing him as he holds her close. To her surprise however, he just holds her still as he presses his forehead against her's. She blinks at him, but he doesn't offer her any reason behind this. She sits there as she starts to relax, his tail now around her slender hips. It was the first time in awhile he had her all to himself without having to worry about anyone else.

He takes in her scent as he closes his eyes. He can finally start properly bonding with her. It was just sort of the process Saiyans went through with any potential mate they came across. It would allow him to get a better feel for her, so if they were seperated, he would be able to find her. He would have to complete this step by actually mating with her, but, baby steps, if he messed up now, it would be hard to repair the damage. Thankfully she seems to understand that she shouldn't say anything and just allow him to continue whatever this was until they ended up falling asleep.