The other day, I had logged onto Discord again. From time to time, I had been doing this, in hopes of talking with those who barely show up on Gaia anymore. I miss them a lot. I really wish we had the old Demon Pub in Gaia again. Though talking with old friends wasn't the only reason I came on. I specifically wanted to talk to Startchy. She never responded to my PMs, leading me to believe that she's now mad at me. Though I could never be sure if that was true or not. I had to contact her to find out.

Though I was unable to find Startchy, I did find someone online at the Demon Pub. This was the "random girl with Jac" that I mentioned in previous entries. According to Toru, this was actually CinnaBunny, who isn't a girl at all. He's just another one of those delusional boys who think he's a girl. (They're all the rage these days!) And what do you know it, today his username had been changed to match his CinnaBunny personality on Gaia.

He immediately went on the offense when alerted to my presence. He just shouted "Outsider!" over and over, hoping it would drive me away. But this lead me to ask him why he and Jac do this. I came to the Demon Pub on Gaia fairly often, and am recognized by a lot of people there. And the way I even joined this Discord was through an invitation given to me by Rosario, who is also known by them. If anything, I'm an insider.

According to CinnaBunny, this chatroom was only intended for him and Jac. Other people didn't start coming in until "Amy" (who I know on Gaia as "Hono" wink started handing out invitations left and right. But wait, who invited Hono? Was she also one of the people intended for this room, other than Cinnaboy and Jac? (Does that mean big members of the Demon Pub like Toru and Fey weren't allowed here at first too? Wow, talk about false advertising.)

With that question answered, I tried to talk him into letting me stay. I told him that I missed the old Demon Pub on Gaia, and this is the closest thing we have to it. Besides, I wanted to talk to Startchy (who is apparently also okay with them) and see if she was mad at me about my PM.

Well speak of the devil, and she will rise. Startchy came into the chatroom shortly afterwards. And it turns out she wasn't mad at me at all. She only stopped responding to my PMs because she was tired of our discussion. She didn't want to talk about my gender anymore. I was relieved to hear that from her. It was a weight taken off my shoulders.

I left the Discord feeling well, but there was still one thought racing through my mind. "If Startchy's sick of talking about my gender, who's going to be there to call me 'she' on the internet?" I remembered "Delusiah" from the Supreme Alliance, and wrote a PM to her. I just got a response from her yesterday, so that's exciting to see. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!