Chapter Thirty-Six:

The group moves slowly as they take a look at the Undercity. As they got a closer look it did seem like once it was a city people lived in until it was forgotten about and built over. Sid pulls out his sword as he spots something slowly walking over to them. It was a skeleton, and it was not alone. The whole place was full of the undead, from skeletons, to ghouls and even zombies. Sara lets out a low growl as she pulls out her bow to take out some of the zombies now slowly wondering over to them. "At least there's no lich's?"

Sid shakes his head as he goes out and swings his sword. Imoen ducks low as she joins the fight and soon everyone was pushing their way through the hoard of undead. Thankfully, Sara had more than enough dealing with these creatures to know how to deal with them with ease. However she got the feeling it was more to waste their resources than anything else. Lucky enough they were more than prepared for this.

Having Raditz around also helped as he used his ki blast to deal with anything that hadn't gotten to close to the party. Of course he had never fought skeletons so he was surprised when bones just start to fly and he shudders a bit, not really enjoying this to much. It takes awhile but they clear out most of the hoard. The rest seem to wander off, not finding them to be worth the effort. Sara was thankful for that as Sid turns to the party. "Anyone hurt?"

Sara looks herself over. "I'm good." Imoen smiles as she jumps up. "I'm okay." Khalid and Jaheira were fine as well. Sid was glad for that, but it wasn't over just yet. Just halfway through the undercity was a large group of mercenaries. Sid lets out a deep groan, more people to fight as their leader walks up to them. A young man with a bow looks them over. "Who are you, we're here to kill Sarevok for taking over Iron Throne!" Sid doesn't lower his sword, getting the feeling they were going to start a fight no matter what they did.

Sara takes this time to eye the group and spots their mage. Already the woman was getting ready to use some kind of spell. Sara was faster and the mage was hit in the chest with a arrow. She got to see the arrow in her heart before falling over dead. The rest of her group follow suit and they end up going toe to toe with the mercenary band. Sara kept the other bowmen at bay, she was a dead shot after all so she made sure they didn't get to hit any of her friends. When the band was dealt with Sid lets out a low yell. "Anyone else!?"

Sara pats his back lightly as she looks ahead. "Doesn't look like there's anything else we need to deal with.." Sid and the others soon move forward to see a large church in the middle of the city. On the door was a large symbol, one that belonged to Bhaal himself, a skull, with a circling design around it. Sid reaches the large door and places his hand on it, with little effer, he opens it to see the inside. The place was huge and the same symbol that was on the door was on the floor as well.

Sid moves slowly as the party made its way to the back where Sarevok was waiting. At his side was Angelo, who by the looks of him did not want to be here. Also at Sarevok's side was a large ogre, and another wizard. Sarevok just pulls out a large two handed sword as he looks at Sid. "So dear 'brother' you know the truth, how does it feel, to know that murder runs through your blood?" Sid shuffles a bit, holding out his own sword. "I don't have to be like you, I don't care what Bhaal has to offer, but I won't be leaving here alive."

Sarevok just shrugged his shoulders, almost as if he knew that's what Sid would say as he snaps his fingers. Sara jumps as a few monsters come out of hiding, making the playing field a bit more even. However Sarevok didn't seem to take an account on the party having someone like Raditz around, because by the look in his dark eyes, he was more than looking forward to this fight. Sara sets her own sights to Angelo how just gives her another bow before kicking off to see what she had up her sleeve.

The party doesn't interfere with Sid as he goes after Sarevok, after all the man had his own score to settle. For weeks this man made his life a living hell. From killing the only 'father' he knew, taking him from his home, trying to kill him and trying to take over his childhood home. Oh Sarevok indeed had a lot to answer for and Sid was going to make damn sure he would land the killing blow. However, Sarevok was no push over, meting Sids swings blow for blow even without a shield. Sid was going to have to work hard for this win.

One by one, the party dealt with Sarevok's lackies. Soon there was just Sid and Sarevok, who seemed to be stuck in a strange dance that crossed steel against steel. Sid holds himself well, that was until he hear the sound of his sword cracking. The iron was finally giving out on him as his eyes go wide. All Sarevok had to do was thrust his sword down hard to snap it, and end the fight. He didn't get the chance as Sara hits him in the shoulder with her bow.

The man jolts back, enough so Sid could see a large opening in Sarevoks shoulder plate for him to get into. He raises his sword and with all his strength drives his blade into the opening and drives his sword deep, hitting bone. Sarevok lets out a loud cry of pain as he stumbles back and hits the ground. He was bleeding out as he looks at Sid, knowing he was defeated. "And so, my essence returns to our dear this brother, there are others out there. With their deaths, our father will be one step closer to returning to the mortal realm." He laughs as his body turns to dust, and soon there was nothing left of the man, not even his armor.