Hey guys. It's been awhile and I've changed through out the years. I'm not into mainstream s**t. I like and only like alternative rock. I'm into VAPORWAVE, future funk, chillwave,and dreamwave. I'm into dank memes. I like flithly frank, Jontron, and H3H3. F**k Jake Paul. I'm into Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, Desus and Merro, Star vs the forces of evil, Steven Universe, Blue Exorcist, One Punch Man, Dragonball Super, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I don't play that much video games anymore. So, I watch other people play video games. Yeah...I'm that type of person. So, these are the games I'm into. DOOM 2016, Undertale, Overwatch and that's about it. I know about Sonic Forces but it's s**t. Sonic just isn't the same anymore. I do love the franchise but I just wish they make things better. I'm not much into sonic. Same goes for Anime. Ever since SAO, I have loss faith in the Anime community. All I have been hearing about is how great SAO is, but in reality, it's s**t. Seriously, does anyone not see the flaws it has? It's like someone had a five year old s**t all over it. But everyone is so blind to see it. Or dumb. Probably both. Also, anime is a cartoon.

As for personality, I'm not happy go lucky anymore. I'm not that friendly. Because if the world isn't going to be happy with you, why should you do the same? And maybe because of Trump.

So, yeah that's me. Later ballbags.