• An anonymous benefactor » Peach Mood Bubble, Jolly Hot Cocoa, Seven Melty Kisses, Xmas Tree Cookie
• SetsunaEternal » Mwee the Dragon, Cosmic Starlet, Nyx's New Velvetine Moon
• Vixxie » Dee and Es SP
• Fayt_of_Redemption » Say You Dream
• Serenith (from G.I.F.T.) » Infused Donut Darling
• Moki teh Fraggle » Mythrill Coin (1,000,000,000 Gold)
• this_chick25 » Lavender Street Style Cupcake, Popular Idol Princess Tails, All Very Negative, Shion's Memento,
Melty King of Cards
• Sweetkitty » Lovely Flirt
• Elegant Rarity » Mythrill Coin (1,000,000,000 Gold)
• sheepcakes » Ms Shadowy Floofs
• arcticwolf_blue » Astra: Swishing Mint Wolf Tail

Thank you so much, everyone!
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