[ 1 ] An RP Sample: Please take this sample seriously, it is a literacy test that shows us how well you can RP. This must be in your words, and can involve anything you want, it doesn't even have to be about pokemon, but it must include the words "I Love Pokemon" somewhere in it. c:

[ 2 ] Let us know how you found the guild, or if someone referred you, let us know who it was! Please do not be vague and say "A friend", we would like to know the actual username of the person who referred you.

[ 3 ] Please adjust your PM settings to allow PMs from anyone, not just friends. PMs are one of the primary methods of communication among the guild members, and if you cannot adhere to this rule then we cannot accept you or allow you to stay in the guild.

[ 4 ] Accounts that are less than 8 months old and have less than 1000 posts on gaia will be expected to be more active in the guild than other members and post at least 5 times a month, either as an RP post, OOC, and/or giveaway claims, until the account reaches this milestone. If your account falls under this guideline, please note in your application that you know and accept these terms and conditions.

[ 5 ] If you send a PM without all of these application requirements, your application will be rejected automatically, as you did not read the rules, and taking the time to read rules of the guild is imperative to being able to RP in this guild.

[ 6 ] Mods reserve the right to reject any applicants for any reason. Spamming applications is a Gaia Online Bannable offense and we will report you.

[ 7 ] If your application has been accepted, you will get an invite to the guild and a PM back from the mod to whom you sent the application to.