Chapter Thirty-Five: {We're getting close to the end of the first game. Don't worry, the story won't end here.}

They waited well into the night before heading for the Duchal Palace. With the low light and everything else, none of the Flaming Fist noticed them. Sid hands over the invitation to one of the guards and they were allowed inside. The place was full of higher class nobles who were less than pleased with the way things were going. They head for the middle of the large ballroom to see Sarevok, standing in the grandest armor Sara ad ever seen. It just radiated evil as Sid tightens his fist. This was indeed the same man that had killed Gorion, there was no doubt about it.

Sarevok's first line of business, since Scar was dead and Eltan near death he had to name a new commander for the Flaming Fist. Standing at his side was a shady looking man with greasy hair. "Angelo will be in charge of the Flaming Fist." The man just gives a bow, it was all for show, but the others didn't seem to notice. Sara lets out a low growl as she holds Sid back. "Half the people here are dopplegangers.." Sid lowers his arm as they slowly make their way to the back of the room.

They had to be careful, after all the room was still full of innocent people. So Sara takes out her bow and aims, even at this angle, she wouldn't do much damage to Sarevok, at least not with all that armor on. So she turns her aim to one of the noblemen ad narrows her eyes at the monster. In a flash of fire, she hits the man, forcing him to shift in front of everyone. Panic quickly sweeps through the room as any of the normal people make a run for it. Sarevok quickly turns to them as Angelo opens a portal and waits for him to get in. Sarevok just gives them a smirk as he makes a run for it.

It left the group to deal with the current problem so they had to fight the rest of the dopplegangers. Sid and the others made sure to keep the monsters away from the few guest at the party who were very much human. Once they cleared out the room no one knew where Sarevok ran off to. Jaheira made sure to check some of the people to make sure they weren't hurt before looking to their leader. There was no telling where Sarevok might be hiding, until a familiar woman steps forward. It was Tamoko as she looks down a bit, almost unsure if she should tell them anything.

It was clear there was some connection to her and Sarevok as Sid walks up to her. "You know where he is...don't you?" She looks at him with those large dark eyes of her's as she gives him a small nod. "The Undercity, laying under our feet is a path that leads to a shrine that once belonged to doubt he has gone there for the final showdown between you and hm." Sid wasn't sure what to do with this information, no doubt, she was having a hard time with this. "Where is this place?"

Tamoko looks down again as she takes a slow breath. "You can get there through the thieves guild...please..if you fight him..don't kill him." Sid bites his lip, he couldn't make that promise, but looking at her, she looked so young and lost he gives her a slow nod. "I will...try.." She gives him a hopeful look before running off. Sid turns to his party as they stand by him, ready to go. At least they didn't have to worry about the guards anymore as they run back to the Shadow Thieves. Sure enough they had a hidden door that would lead them where they needed to go.

To get to the Undercity, they had to go through the warrens. A maze of narrow walls and endless pathways and poor Sara lets out a whimper. "Oh God why...why so narrow?" She feels Imoen hold her hand, it didn't help in the slightest. She just closes her eyes and tries to ignore just how locsed in they were. They had to travel one at a time, there was so space to travel side by side as they tried to figure out the large winding maze. Khalid and Jaheira didn't like being down here either as they moves slowly.

"I-I don't l-like this..." Jaheira rubs her husbands back lightly. "It'll be okay Khalid, we can get through this.." "B-but there's so m-many paths..." Sid takes a slow breath, this was going to take to long, so they had no choice but to split up. Sara gets an idea and hands everyone a small piece of wood from her bag. She burns the tips of them so they could use it as a marker. "That way, we can mark where we've been."

Sid smiles at the idea as he takes his piece of wood. "Good thinking, it'll take less time and it'll let out spread out more." While Sara didn't like the close walls, she had to steal herself to help find their way through this large maze. Of course, they weren't alone as Sara thought she steps into a puddle. It was a jelly, and it didn't like her stepping on it. She lets out a squeak as she aims a magic missile at it. She just lets out another whimper, she really hated this place.

It takes a full hour before they make any really progress and find their way to a old looking path that lead deep underground. Sid lets out a whistle and everyone soon finds him. He leads the way and soon, they find themselves in a large underground village that had long been forgotten about. No doubt this was what they were looking for. It was one of the many places left behind by Bhaal as a hideout during his time as a mortal. Sid takes a slow breath as his friends spread out, it was time to end this once and for all.