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The characters of Rhun Tolihzeh
[ED] Ayluin Saelion
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                                                              Name: Ayluin Saelion
                                                              Nicknames or Aliases: None
                                                              Age: hundred-fifty (looks fifteen, still a child for his race)
                                                              Gender: Male
                                                              Sexuality: Homosexual (But as he is a teen he only just starts to develop such feelings and unless another comes around around his age, it's possible this is never used.)
                                                              Status: Unclaimed/Free
                                                              Master (if claimed): None
                                                              Height: 150cm
                                                              Weight: 30 kilos (lightweight cause of his race)
                                                              Race: Earth Elf
                                                              Class/Occupation: Wanderer
                                                              Scars / Tattoos / Markings / Piercings / Collars: Permanent markings on his face which is a tribe custom for when a boy becomes a man in their culture.


                                                              ↳ Loyal to those he considers worthy of his loyalty, like friends he makes along the way.
                                                              ↳ Friendly to those that treat him kindly, or haven't mistreated him yet.
                                                              ↳ Honest almost to a fault, though he may lie for the better good.
                                                              ↳ Diligent with tasks he performs as he travels around. Filling requests is his way of earning money to keep traveling.
                                                              ↳ Curious like any teen would be. Only he has a little more sense than a human child of fifteen would have. He has more experience.
                                                              ↳ Wants to learn, specifically interested in how engines and other machinery work.
                                                              His skill in jewelcrafting could well be useful for him in wanting to learn this.

                                                              ↳ Born in the city Saela, third son of the Royal family. As third in line, Ayluin has no real claim to the throne, unless both his brother would come to pass. Since this is very unlikely, he has been raised privileged yet modest.
                                                              ↳ As 'school' going child he is mostly home tutored, until he reached the age of 8. As of this age, he was given a choice as to what he wanted to become. For him this was an easy decision. As all elves are born with strong magic potential, he chose the road of the mage. Wanting to bolster and train his full potential to become one of the army's casters.
                                                              ↳ As he grew older he also went around by himself in the kingdom a lot. On many of these outings he would run into the same bard on regular intervals. The man always had amazing stories to tell and over the years this grew an insatiable lust for travel and wandering in the young elf. At the age of 12 he decided to follow the same road as the Bard did: Go wherever he so pleased, where the road takes him.
                                                              ↳ It was on his travels that Ayluin came upon a sort of portal. After testing if it was safe to pass through, by throwing a rock..., the elf climbed through himself and started to explore the new areas, using his earth magic to help with food.


                                                              ↳ His magic (limited in offense)

                                                              Abilities / Skills:
                                                              ↳ Growth: Can grow plants from seeds. The bigger the plant, the more energy it takes. Not old enough to grow trees yet, this would exhaust him terribly, he tends to stick to small berry bushes.
                                                              ↳ Shield: Ayluin can conjure a shield around himself to protect from harmful spells. It is possible for him to shield more people than one, but the more people the more tiring it becomes.
                                                              ↳ Jewelcrafting. He is skillful at crafting pieces from ore or stones. It used to be one of his obligated studies, but he kept at it since he enjoyed it and became very capable of making beautiful pieces.
                                                              ↳ Singing. He is very good at it as he learned it from a very young age on, since singing is a large part of their culture, traditions and to just entertain themselves or others.


                                                              ↳ Strong protective magic he can use on himself and/or others.
                                                              ↳ Able to make amazing crafts of ore and jewels to sell or trade, as long as he has the tools to do it.
                                                              ↳ Can grow his own food if he has the seeds.
                                                              ↳ He is quite intelligent and keen. He won't be easily fooled. And has Survival Skills. (Fishing, finding the right herbs, making fire, he can even grill the fish)
                                                              ↳ Agile. (Fleet of feet, good at climbing)

                                                              ↳ Not the strongest tracking sense, he can't hunt (though he can fish if he has a rod) so has to live off berries and other small things he can grow with seeds, unless he meets a kind person willing to share or trade meat.
                                                              Since he has trained on magic heavily, he is not really strong in melee combat, if at all able. He has to rely on his protective skill and running speed.
                                                              ↳ Very unknown with this area, so no clue where to go, where to find water, where to find cities or towns etc.

                                                              ↳ Learning about engineering.
                                                              ↳ Steam powered machinery
                                                              ↳ Singing
                                                              ↳ Swimming
                                                              ↳ Sweet fruits

                                                              ↳ Rain
                                                              ↳ Lack of nature
                                                              ↳ Rice based dishes
                                                              ↳ Getting lost
                                                              ↳ Feeling Lonely


                                                              Extra / Other: Since this is a guild where the RP decides the path, I know stuff can happen. Yes Ayluin could be claimed if someone decides they want them, but not for heavy labor, no losing limbs and no death. (He is still a child even if he is older than a human can become in human years.

                                                              Created By: Rhun Tolihzeh

Rhun Tolihzeh
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