yay 2018
here's hoping this year will be even better than last year
I think I did ok with last year's resolution of working on my procrastination. there's room for improvement still, but I can keep working on that this year with my new resolution: to get out of bed when I first wake up!

I have a habit of waking up and getting onto my laptop. no breakfast, no morning/afternoon bathroom relief, not even changing into house clothes.

just straight up veg mode in the dark on my laptop. it's not bad, but I don't like the discomforts that go along with being on my laptop for hours before prepping myself for the day. so to fix that, I'll try to get out of bed when I wake up and take care of at least those morning things before I glue myself to my laptop for the rest of the day. xD

I hope everyone else got to enjoy their celebrations and will be able to stick with their resolutions this year! emotion_yatta