Happy New Year, everybody! It's officially 2018!

I've had one heck of a New Year's Eve yesterday. You see, I was trying to knock out some of the items on my wish list. There were those two remaining wigs to get, but I also had an item on there called "Cozy Manner". It's been on my list for the longest time, so I was hoping to obtain the item, that way my list would be smaller. I found a decent bidding for it in the Marketplace, with the only bid on it at 1,000 Platinum.

I did a little bit of Platinum grinding by playing Jigsaw, and had more than 1,500 Platinum to spare. I bid 1,500 on the item. Since at the time, there was only one bid other than myself, I assumed that nobody else would come in for that item. But just to make sure, I let Gaia alert me if I ever got outbid. What were the odds, though?

That very day, I was outbid. Somebody else (I don't know if it was the other bidder or not.) had bid 2,000 Platinum for the item. That was rather annoying, but I thought of increasing my own bid. But for that, I needed to play more Jigsaw.

That's when I devised an interesting bidding plan. I was going to grind for money, wait until the auction is almost over, and hit the item with the highest bid I could. My goal at the time was 3,000 Platinum. That's how much I would bid at the last moment. And according to the time, I had until about New Year's Eve to grind for money.

Unfortunately, I kind of got lazy. I really forgot about it for a while, because I was catching Pokémon in LeafGreen. By the time I remembered, it was already New Year's Eve. I had under a single day to grind for Platinum. I took a look at the item again, and it seems there was a new highest bid of 3,800. s**t!

I played puzzle after puzzle on Jigsaw, hoping I could get 4,000 before the time was up. I got into the 3,000s, but then I hit a roadblock. All of a sudden, I wasn't earning about 100 Platinum per puzzle. I was earning only one. But how? It was on the same difficulty. How was I only earning 1 Platinum from puzzles now?

It became clear to me that if I kept playing Jigsaw, I would never get that item. I needed a fast way to earn lots of Platinum. My next idea was to post in the forums. That always gave me Gold in the past, and I've even earned Platinum from posting. However, the same curse that struck the Jigsaw seems to have struck the forums that night. I posted a few times, and earned next to no Platinum whatsoever.

In the end, I failed. I lost the auction. Though at the very least, I have lots of Platinum. 3,000 is a lot more than the 41 I used to be worth all this time. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!