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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Guest , KoCroka Lab Dr Nat .
Report : Guest , KoCroka Lab Dr Nat .


.....The following is a typed report of a video-captured event that
took place today at V-Tech Lab's Main Front Reception Room.

On-Staff Receptionist was asked to leave the room during event...


The room is comprised of two people, Dr. Valentine ... and Dr. Nat, of
KoCroka Laboratories. KoCr. Lab is an establishment far to the deep
southern location of gaia.... admits the vast and deep forest beyond
the Barton Towns.


Dr. Nat : ....With the plesentr-

Dr. Valentine : I will stop you right there. I understand that your hear due
to the spy you sent about .... 4-ish months ago ....has yet to reply back?

Nat : I .... I have no clue what you presum-

Valentine : There's no need for your stupid stuttering.
Before I ....fired.... everyone, he was more than willing to talk. I think
he amused that if he did, he wouldn't be fired from my staff lineup.
....He wasn't given that luxury.

......Be grateful, Dr Nat, that i've done nothing to desire to retaliate, yet.
But your presence here bothers me. And is a waste of time.
So what do you want.

Nat : .... Before you .... fired .... your staff, we where made aware of
a project you where working on. A.... perfect.... life-form. We wish you
no harm, and only desire to advance in science, like yourself. In fact, we
are very much alike! And so, we would like to buy your perfect creation,
from you... and of course, there's no price for such perfect beauty.... Anything,
anything your heart desires, and more, we would be willing to offer you for
it. In fact, to show our offer is true and to it's word, wither or not you
would like to sell it to us or not, we offer you this case filled with one-trill in
currency.... as both an apology for our mistakes, as well as a perhaps
operable partnership in transaction...

....The room is quiet for a long time, until Dr Valentine opens, and lights,
a lighter... gazing upon the flame. Eventually he licks the flame away,
and relights the lighter...

Valentine : ....Perfection.... huh?

Nat : Yes ! Perfection. A perfect being. That is what we are working
on as well, and we would like to-

Valentine : .......PERFECTION..... huh ?


WELL.... I'll have to tell you the honest truth as i see it.
In this world.... nothing perfect exists.

It may be a cliche', after all.... but it's the way things ARE.


That's why ordinary men like you prusuit the concept of perfection...
....It's infatuation.....


But ultimately i have to ask myself.... what is the true meening to being perfect?
And the answer i came up with was........


Not. One. Thing.

...The truth of the matter is.... I DESPISE PERFECTION.

If something is truly perfect..... THAT'S IT.
The bottom line... becomes.

There is no room for imagination.
No space for intelligence, ability, or improvement.

....I wonder... Do you understand ?
To men of science like us, perfection is a Dead End.
A condition of hopelessness.

...ALWAYS strive to become better than anything that came before you, but not perfect...

Scientists agonize over the attempt to acheve perfection.

....THAT.... is the kind of creatures we are.
We take joy in trying to exceed our grasp.... to try to reach for something that, in the end....

...we have to admit may in fact be unreachable.


In other words.... You may think we may operate on the same level...

But you are wrong.

The moment you spoke of perfection you braced a concept
that is impossible, and have already lost my interest!

.....That is.... of course.... if your even call yourself a scientist at all....


Soon after Dr Valentine's speech, Dr Nat was forcibly removed from the lab.


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