Chapter Thirty-Four:

The group decided to just hang low at the Blushing Mermaid. Sara was slightly thankful as she really needed a minute to clear her head. Even Raditz was still feeling the side effects of the burning Black Lotus he passed out on a bed somewhere. Sid frowns as he rubs her back lightly, trying to help as the others were unsure what the side effects would do. Sara just shakes her head as she tries to keep her wits about her. "Ahh that was horrible..." Sid just pats her back lightly. "I'm so sorry..."

Sara gives him a small smile as she sits up. "It's fine, I had no idea that stuff would be that strong. I don't understand how humans get hooked on that stuff." Jaheira looks the other way. "It's a natural high, once they get hooked it's hard to quit." Sara takes a slow breath. "Oh I know..there's a drug back home called Skooma, you drink it, and I've seen how messed up people get when they get hooked.." The elf shakes her head as Khalid finds a chair and sits back. "Y-you haven't tried it...have you?"

Sara was quick to shake her head. "Oh heavens no I'm not that crazy, it's just that you run into it a lot..not really sure what it's made out of, not sure I want to know." Poor Raditz lets out a low groan as he lays there, the group decided it was best to just stay together for now. "Poor thing, he's going to be feeling this for awhile...Raditz you okay over there?" Sara leans up a bit to look him over. He just lets out a low sound as he lays there. "What is up?" Sara blinks at him for a few seconds before she shakes her head. "He'll be fine."

They still had some time to kill, but leaving the inn might prove to be a bad idea so they do what they can to keep busy. For now everyone heads out of the small room leaving her alone with the poor Saiyan who had no idea what up and down was. It was going to be hours before he was back to normal. Truth be told she was slowly feeling the after effects of the Black Lotus so she joins him and lays back, closing her eyes.

The next few hours were, interesting to say the least by the time she snapped out of it it was well into the night and Raditz was wide awake, though he had long stripped out of his spandex, which he was now looking for. The poor guy had no idea where he threw it as he moved his tail slowly. She sits up as she watches him. "Problems?" He lets out a low grumble, something about a strip tease gone wrong. She just watches as he soon gives up on the search and turns to her.

It was the first time she's seen him out of the armor fully. His body was well toned from years of fighting and training. There wasn't one muscle on his body that wasn't honed to it's finest. She does spot the large scar on his chest, right were his heart is as she gets up, running her fingers over the scar. "What happened here?" He jumps at her touch, but he doesn't stop here. "That's where I was shot and killed while my brother held me in place. To be fair, I had it coming, he wished me that I think about it I do need to repay him for that."

She keeps her hand on his chest as she keeps her eyes on him. "Wow so you were really dead, I had no idea." She sees him shiver at her touch as she trails her fingers over the lines off his scar. "Does it hurt?" He shakes his head at her. "No.." He lets out a low purr as he leans in close to her. "Keep touching me like that and you won't be staying in those clothes for long." She feels herself blush as she takes her hand back. "Oh my."

He lets out a disappointed sound but he seems to relax a bit. "Now help me find my spandex will you?" She takes a look around but didn't see them. "Where did you put them?" "Woman if I knew that I wouldn't be looking for them would I?" She throws her hands up in the air. "Don't be yelling at me because you wanted to strip for the wall...oh." He feels his tail frizz as he glares at her. "You saw!?" She covers her face as she giggles. "I'm so sorry, but it was so funny, you trying to spoon the wall...I regret nothing!" She yips as she runs away from him.

It takes some looking around but she finds his outfit. He somehow got them outside by throwing them out the window. She brings it back to him as he slips back into the fabric. While it had some rips here and there it was still holding up well. Hopefully by the time this was over with he could repair them. At least he still had his breastplate waiting for him back at in her room. That thought alone made him purr, oh he couldn't wait to have some time alone with her.

He gives her a glance as she turns her head back to him. He would do this now, but there was a high chance the others would barge in. After all they only had one more day before they had to crash Sarevok's coronation. Soon he figures as he walks over to her as he wraps his tail around her and pulls her close to him. She smiles at him as she wraps her arms around him. He wouldn't mind getting some more practice on this kissing stuff so he leans her back and kisses her deeply. She tightens her hold on him, enjoying the moment.