Chapter Thirty-Three:

The notes they found, were less them pleasant. Sarevok planed to use his precision to kill the remaining Dukes of Baldur's Gate during his coronation. The letter also spoke of two assassins who should be hiding in the undercellars, waiting for instructions. No doubt they had an invitation to the coronation to help kill the remaining Dukes, allowing Sarevok to have full power over the city. Sid frowns as he continues to gather more information. Sarevok mostly wrote whatever was on his mind, up to the point where he discovered he was a Child of Bhaal.

Sarevok, on some level, believed the prophecy was about him. That he would be the one to rise above the others and become the new God of Murder. The party was only a few days away, they had enough time to find the assassins and steal their invitation to the coronation. Only question now was, where the place was. Sid had no idea and Khalid and Jaheira had no clue, not really knowing the city that well. That only left them with the opinion to go back to the shadow thieves and ask them. They move back down the floors to head outside.

They quickly found themselves unable to get anywhere as they saw a large number of guards now roaming the area. Sara takes a look around and sees a small grate the the sewers. She didn't like the idea, but it was the only way as she opens it up. "Quick, down here, we'll go under the city." Sid shivers but soon starts to head down the latter into the sewers. The rest of the group followed slowly, not really liking the idea either but she hurries them on since she didn't want the Fist to spot them. The sewers was a horrid place, full of the bodies of street scum that got to close.

Sara jumps as a large carrion crawler sneaks by, now it was easy to see just what was dragging the bodies down here. Imoen lets out a loud scream as she keeps to the raised path that would keep them out of the murky water bellow. "It's the only way...if we follow the path north a short way I'm sure we can find our way back to where the thieves were, and this way the Fist can't catch us." They all agree as they slowly move north. As far as they thought before sara finds a grate to poke her head out, slowly.

Sure enough they do make it to the small building where the shadow thieves were hiding and they all get out quickly to talk to their leader once again. The woman seemed less then pleased to see them, but when they told her about the undercellars she gives it some thought. "Aye I know where that is, it's under the Blushing Mermaid, people use it for the black lotus trade, I'll be careful going in there." Sara blinks at that, great, drugs. "At least it's not Skooma I guess..."

The Blushing Mermaid was an old pub just a touch north of where they were. Getting in wasn't to bad as the Fist seemed to be more focused on the Throne for the time being. Sid had no idea how they would get to the backdoor where a large man seemed to be watching it. Sara holds up her hand as she walks over to the burly looking barkeep. He looks her over as she leans in at just the right angle. "Hello my good sir, got a good idea how I can spend this?"

She throws out a large bag of nothing but gold. Sid blinks a bit, just how much money did she have? The barkeep takes a look, even bites into one to make sure it was good before he nods and gives the signal to the lone guard at the door. He lets out a low grunt as he moves out of the way and she throws him a wink. "Thanks, keep the rest as a thank you." The man says nothing, but he was more than happy to take what she just gave them as they made their way to a very large underground area.

Both Sara and Raditz were quick to cover their more sensitive noses to the strong smell of pipeweed. Of course, that wasn't the only thing down here as woman of different race, size, age, all gathered down here in the lest amount of clothes they could get away with. Of course they were only interested if you had the gold to pay for them and no one in the group had any interest in these women. However with the size of the undercellar they had no idea how long it would take to find the assassins they were looking for.

Sara was quickly becoming dizzy with all this smoke and even Raditz seemed to be having a hard time keeping his mind clear. Sid frowns a bit, seeing two of his friends struggling with this so he moves a bit faster, even paying a few of the girls for information. Soon one of the girls pointed out to a couple, lazing about in the middle of the cellar, the male laying out on a few pillow, he seemed to be talking to no one, but his eyes remained lock to something he was talking to.

He sees them and blinks as he quickly gets up and run over to them. He looks them over and smirks. "You're Sid, the boss said to kill you if I saw you, isn't that right lovebug?" "That's right sweetcheeks." A female voice seemed to be coming out of nowhere and soon Sara caught on, she was invisible and if it wasn't for the damn smoke she would be able to smell the woman. Lucky for her she didn't have to as Raditz could somewhat feel her ki and fires a blast at her.

Blood quickly covered the floor as a body hits the floor, the male, to shocked to do anything stood there. " you'll pay!!" He quickly pulls out a dagger and goes after Sid. He jumps as he tries to move quickly to block the man, but he was to fast even for him. Sid winces as he feels a swipe on his arm and Sara jumps in to save her friend. Once he was dead Sara checks his body and sure enough, right in his breast pocket was a invitation to Sarevok's coronation. Sara holds it out and smiles wide. In two days, they could finally put a end to all of this.